Tips for Best Practices in WordPress Development

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How to log in a WordPress user programmatically When you are building a WordPress based websites, it can be very useful to know how to programmatically log in a WordPress user. Here is a function that can do it easily. Here is the function, drop it in your functions.php file:

Then, to log in …

How to enable the authentication through the mysql database

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In this tutorialsi explain the easy steps with code snipats which describe How to enable the authentication through the mysql database. The basic skeleton provided by the YII command line application, already includes a rudimentary authentication mechanism. This will check if the details entered matches the one specificed in the controller. Now what we want …

How to enable Ajax form validation

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Form validation ensures that each and every field in the form has been filled in the required way. No further prelude is required to this topic as Developers would be well aware about the purpose and function of form validations. In one of my bygone projects, I had a claim to validate a form with …

Best Free WordPress Contact Form Plugin

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The contact form is an essential part of any website but it’s more essential for a business website, so anyone can get in touch with you or if you are running an e-commerce website, so the buyer can reach you to collect more information about your product. Like other plugins, there are a number of …

Top 5 tips to speed up your wordpress website

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1. Use caching Install the WP Super Cache plugin and enable the Gzip option. This will load only the appropriate cached content to visitors rather than loading every single script and element of your WordPress site. Your bandwidth is greatly reduced and you avoid your site going down during traffic spikes (and if you’re making …

The Best MVC Practices and tutorials

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Although Model-View-Controller (MVC) is known by nearly every Web developer, how to properly use MVC in real application development still eludes many people. The central idea behind MVC is code reusability and separation of concerns. In this section, we describe some general guidelines on how to better follow MVC when developing a Yii application. To …

Core application components available on Yii framework

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Yii predefines a set of core application components to provide features common among Web applications. For example, the request component is used to collect information about a user request and provide information such as the requested URL and cookies. By configuring the properties of these core components, we can change the default behavior of nearly …