C Programs

This section will cover simple c programs with input/output example. We have also describe the program logic for the better under standing specially for c programming beginners.

Simple C Programs With Example

This section is a collection of basic c programs with input/output examples which are number conversion, number swapping, airthmetic, number calculation, length of a string, program to calculate simple interest, arrays programs, binary search program in c, programs to illustrate call by value and call by reference, c programs to print number & star triangle, pointers programs, fibonacci series program in c, reserve keywords lists, prime number program, armstrong number program, leap year program and much more...

SNo C Programs
1 C Programming Basics
2 C Program: Find The Sum of Two Numbers
3 Reverse Number Program in C
4 Prime Number Program in C
5 How to Calculate Gross Salary of a Person in C
6 How to Compile and Run a C Programs
7 Your First C Program
8 Reserve Keywords List C
9 If Else Statement in C
10 Print Star Triangle in C
11 Fibonacci Series Program in C
12 Pointers in C
13 Palindrome Program in C
14 Armstrong Number Program in C
15 Check Whether a Number is Even or Odd
16 Check Leap Year in C
17 Print Number Triangle in C
18 Binary Search Program in c
19 Print Table of Number in C
20 C Program to Find Length of a String
21 C Program to Convert Binary to Octal
22 C Programs and Examples with Solutions
23 C Program to Find ASCII Value of a Character
24 C program to Print First 10 Natural Numbers
25 Find Greatest Number From 3 Numbers
26 Push an Element in an Array Using C
27 C Program to Swap Two Numbers
28 C Program to Calculate the Power of a Number
29 C Program to Merge Two arrays
30 C Program to Find the Simple Interest
31 Calculate the Length of a String in C
32 What is Temporary Variable
33 Call by Value and Call by Reference in C
34 C Program to Convert Binary to Decimal Number
35 C Program to Convert Decimal to Binary Number
36 Number System Conversion Programs in C Programming Language
37 C Program to Convert Decimal to Hexadecimal Number
38 C Program to Print the Alphabet
39 How to delete duplicate elements from an array in c programming language
40 Breadth First Search (BFS) Program in C
41 Depth First Search (DFS) Program in C
42 Bubble Sort algorithms & Program in C Programming Language
43 How to Shutdown Computer Using C Program
44 Write a C Program to Calculate Average Using Arrays
45 How to Swap Two Numbers Without Using Any Third Variable in C Programming
46 Selection Sort Program in C Programming Language
47 String Functions in C Programming Language
48 C Programming Interview Questions and Answers
49 C Program to Find the Array Size
50 C Program to Delete an Element From an Array
51 How to Find the Area of a Square Using C
52 C Program to Find the Largest Element From an Array
53 C Program to Generate Random Number
54 How to Print an Array in C Programming Language
55 How to Create a New Directory in C Programming Language
56 C Program to Copy an Array to Another Array
57 C Program to Accept Paragraph as Input and Display Output
58 C Program to Find Sum of N Numbers
59 C Program to Display Hostname And IP Address
60 Sizeof Operator in C Programming Language
61 C Program to Convert a Number to a String
62 C Program to Convert Decimal to Octal Number
63 Execute C Program Without main() Function
64 Linked List Program in C
65 Merge Sort Program in C
66 Linear Search Program in C Programming Language
67 Insertion Sort Program in C
68 C Program to Print ASCII Table
69 C Program to Split an Array From Specified Position
70 C Program to Reverse a Linked List
71 C Program to Compare Two Strings With Output
72 C Program to Sort a Stack Using Recursion
73 C program to count the number of lines in a file
74 C program to calculate compound interest
75 C program to compute sum of the array elements
76 C program to copy text from one file to other files
77 C program to display mouse pointer in textmode
78 C program to perform stack operations
79 C program to implement hash tables
80 C program to generate the Captcha
81 C program to print digital clock
82 C program to find maximum element in array
83 Interpolation search program in c with output

If you want to write a c program and share on this page, then you can share your program with input and output by using the Request Tutorial page. I will add your program with your name and photo in this page.

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