C Programs

This section will cover simple c programs with input/output example. We have also describe the program logic for the better under standing specially for c programming beginners.

Simple C Programs With Example

This section is a collection of basic c programs with input/output examples which are number conversion, number swapping, airthmetic, number calculation, length of a string, program to calculate simple interest, arrays programs, binary search program in c, programs to illustrate call by value and call by reference, c programs to print number & star triangle, pointers programs, fibonacci series program in c, reserve keywords lists, prime number program, armstrong number program, leap year program and much more...

SNoC Programs
1C Programming Basics
2C Program: Find The Sum of Two Numbers
3Reverse Number Program in C
4Prime Number Program in C
5How to Calculate Gross Salary of a Person in C
6How to Compile and Run a C Programs
7Your First C Program
8Reserve Keywords List C
9If Else Statement in C
10Print Star Triangle in C
11Fibonacci Series Program in C
12Pointers in C
13Palindrome Program in C
14Armstrong Number Program in C
15Check Whether a Number is Even or Odd
16Check Leap Year in C
17Print Number Triangle in C
18Binary Search Program in c
19Print Table of Number in C
20C Program to Find Length of a String
21C Program to Convert Binary to Octal
22C Programs and Examples with Solutions
23C Program to Find ASCII Value of a Character
24C program to Print First 10 Natural Numbers
25Find Greatest Number From 3 Numbers
26Push an Element in an Array Using C
27C Program to Swap Two Numbers
28C Program to Calculate the Power of a Number
29C Program to Merge Two arrays
30C Program to Find the Simple Interest
31Calculate the Length of a String in C
32What is Temporary Variable
33Call by Value and Call by Reference in C
34C Program to Convert Binary to Decimal Number
35C Program to Convert Decimal to Binary Number
36Number System Conversion Programs in C Programming Language
37C Program to Convert Decimal to Hexadecimal Number
38C Program to Print the Alphabet
39How to delete duplicate elements from an array in c programming language
40Breadth First Search (BFS) Program in C
41Depth First Search (DFS) Program in C
42Bubble Sort algorithms & Program in C Programming Language
43How to Shutdown Computer Using C Program
44Write a C Program to Calculate Average Using Arrays
45How to Swap Two Numbers Without Using Any Third Variable in C Programming
46Selection Sort Program in C Programming Language
47String Functions in C Programming Language
48C Programming Interview Questions and Answers
49C Program to Find the Array Size
50C Program to Delete an Element From an Array
51How to Find the Area of a Square Using C
52C Program to Find the Largest Element From an Array
53C Program to Generate Random Number
54How to Print an Array in C Programming Language
55How to Create a New Directory in C Programming Language
56C Program to Copy an Array to Another Array
57C Program to Accept Paragraph as Input and Display Output
58C Program to Find Sum of N Numbers
59C Program to Display Hostname And IP Address
60Sizeof Operator in C Programming Language
61C Program to Convert a Number to a String
62C Program to Convert Decimal to Octal Number
63Execute C Program Without main() Function
64Linked List Program in C
65Merge Sort Program in C
66Linear Search Program in C Programming Language
67Insertion Sort Program in C
68C Program to Print ASCII Table
69C Program to Split an Array From Specified Position
70C Program to Reverse a Linked List
71C Program to Compare Two Strings With Output
72C Program to Sort a Stack Using Recursion
73C program to count the number of lines in a file
74C program to calculate compound interest
75C program to compute sum of the array elements
76C program to copy text from one file to other files
77C program to display mouse pointer in textmode
78C program to perform stack operations
79C program to implement hash tables
80C program to generate the Captcha
81C program to print digital clock
82C program to find maximum element in array
83Interpolation search program in c with output
84C program to write a sentence to a file with output
85C program to reverse an array with the output
86C program to calculate the area of a square
87C program for binary search on array using recursion
88Give an example of recursive function
89C program for matrix multiplication
90C program for implement the hash tables
91C program for Huffman Coding With the output
92C program to pancake sorting with the output
93C program for different tree traversals
94C program to delete the binary search tree (BST)
95C program to print next greater elements in a given array
96Frequently asked c programs for interview
97Age Calculator- c program to calculate age
98C program for counting sort
99C Programming Examples on Array
100C Programming Examples on Function
101C Program to Convert Binary to Hexadecimal Number
102C Programming Examples on Data-Structures
103C program to construct a B tree
104C program implement an analog clock with the output
105C program for subtraction of matrices with the output
106C program to find the minimum distance between two numbers
107C program to create a file & store information
108C program delete a specific line from a text file
109C program to list files in a directory
110C program to copy one file into another file
111C Programming examples on file handling
112C program to find the size of a file
113Traffic light program in c programming
114C program to draw a bar chart
115C program to draw pie chart
116C program to draw a 3d bar chart
117C program to reverse a stack using recursion
118C program to find Sum of N numbers using recursion
119C programming examples using recursion
120C program to find the length of the string using recursion
121C program to implement selection sort recursively
122C program to find next prime palindrome number
123tmpfile() function in C
124C program to swap two numbers using bitwise operators
125C program to insert a node in AVL tree
126C program to print contents of the file
127C program to count number of lines in a file
128C program to delete a file from directory
129C program for naive pattern searching algorithm
130C program to find area of a triangle
131C# program to print the area of a triangle
132C program to convert Uppercase to Lowercase
133C program to delete words from the sentence
134C program to find the smallest element in array
135C program to find the length of string
136C program to add two numbers using Pointer
137C program to print pascal triangle
138C program to find the length of the linked list
139C program for Prim’s Algorithm
140C program to display upper triangular matrix
141C program to extract last two digits of a given year
142Simple C Programs with the output
143C program to swap two numbers using Bitwise Operators
144C program to add two complex numbers
145C program to find the size of a union
146C program to print environment variables
147Pass by Value
148Pass by Reference
149C program to reverse a linked list in groups of given size
150C programs using pointers solved examples
151C program to show function pointers as a parameter
152C program to calculate median of an array
153C program to display its own source code as its output
154C program to capitalize the first letter of every word
155Program for dijkstra’s algorithm in C
156C program to demonstrate the Nested Structure
157C program to calculate sum of all digits using recursion
158C function to Swap strings using the pointers
159C Program to print lower diagonal of a matrix
160C Program to compare contents of two files
161C Program to print contents in reverse order of a file
162C program to find the number of lines in a text file
163C program to update details of employee using files
164C program to implement queues using stacks
165C program to check string is palindrome using stack
166C program to create a mirror copy of a tree and display using BFS Traversal
167strcpy() Function in C Programming Language
168strcmp() Function in C Programming Language
169strncat() Function in C Programming Language
170C program to find largest gap between two elements in an array
171C program to find middle of linked list
172C program to multiply two floating point numbers
173Stack implementation in c programming with the example
174C program to find the possible subsets of the string
175C program to concatenate two strings lexically
176C program to accepts two strings and compare
177C program to find the Nth fibonacci number using recursion
178C program find the length of the linked list using recursion
179C program to reverse a string using stacks
180C Program to check whether given Square Matrix is symmetric or not
181C program to find length of the longest bitonic subarray
182C Program to sort a linked list 0s, 1s or 2s with the output
183C program to delete N nodes after M nodes of a linked list
184How to Represent Linear Equations in Matrix Form in C
185C program to segregate even and odd elements of array
186How to Sort Linked List to Balanced BST
187C Program to Implement Naor-Reingold Pseudo Random Function
188C Program to Implement the Bin Packing Algorithm
189C program to search for an element in the linked list without using recursion
190C program to traverse the tree recursively
191C program to find the common ancestor and print the path
192C program to count number of non leaf nodes of a given tree
193C program to find the sum of all nodes in a tree
194C implementation of inserting a new node to a link list
195C program to solve the Number of stopping station problem
196Program to delete n characters from a given position in a given string
197How to write c program code for pow
198C program remove spaces, blanks from a string
199conio.h functions list in c
200stdio.h library functions list in c

If you want to write a c program and share on this page, then you can share your program with input and output by using the Request Tutorial page. I will add your program with your name and photo in this page.

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