Get facebook fan page details using jquery

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In this post i will explain how to get the facebook fan page details using Jquery. This is very easy and simple code which can implemented with any platform’s web applications. jQuery Code will get you Fan Page Name Fan Page Cover Page People Talking about Count No of Likes About Username Fan Page Category …

facebook launched a new programming language for HHVM

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Hack is a programming language for the HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) invented by Facebook.Hack can be seen as a new version of PHP that also runs on the HHVM, but it allows programmers to use both dynamic typing and static typing. This is what is called gradual typing, which has been mostly seen as an …

Facebook style Registration Form with jQuery

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Facebook is a showcase of great UI design. And as it has become a major part of our lives, it has also raised the bar for web development, pushing developers to meet higher expectations. . Registration form with mendatory input fileds

Validation code to check input fields.


Facebook like friend suggestions with jQuery

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In this article i will explain the easy way to create a application like facebook friend suggestions when you click delete(X) button “Do not show this suggestion” the content disappears slowly and to get the new suggestion content appears. CSS Code

Javascript Code



Facebook style confirm alert box

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When i am developing a web application, there i have to open a confirm alert box that ask for confirmation when user has change his some privileges, then i will be find out the facebook.alert.js for alert box like facebook. You can also customize the appearance of the alert box some changes in style.css Javascript …

Facebook style notification using jquery

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In this post i will describe the facebook style notification, that looks nice cross browser seems tricky. For example, different browsers seem to treat paddings differently, resulting in weird looking notifications. I have used HTML, CSS and Jquery for Facebook Notification application. Html Code

Jquery Code

CSS Code


Facebook Like URL data Extract Using PHP and Ajax

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If you looking for extracting URL data like facebook or link data preview while typing the content. I have used PHP function to fetch the webpage content as a string and used PHP Domdocument object to extract the meta title and description part. . HTML Code

Java Script Code Code

PHP Code