Facebook Style Buttons Using CSS3

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In this article i explain the easiest way to make a facebook style Buttons that people think: “Wow, this app must be as good as Facebook!”. Buttons To create the default “button” add a class of uibutton to any appropriate element.

Grouped buttons

Buttons with icons Browser compatibility Full support: Firefox 3.5+, Google …

Login with facebook account using php

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Nowadays every website has the feature of social logins like Facebook, Twitter, Google Account and more. I got the lots of tutorial request to create a sample code to login with facebook account using the PHP. In this tutorial, I will explain how to log in with the Facebook account using PHP with example and …

Facebook like box for wordpress

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Facebook like box for wordpress

It will display a more flexible and responsible Facebook Like Box in your WordPress sidebar widgets. More than that, it also enables to display in your code template. Facebook Like Box is a WordPress social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract website visitors and gain more Likes from their website. This also enables …