Free Responsive Bootstrap Admin panel Templates

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bootstrap admin template free

In this tutorial i will explain the best and 100% free bootstrap templates for admin dashboard. If you are going to start a web application OR web admin panel, then see the is the lists of free bootstrap admin templates. This will save your ton of times and escape from web page design. By using …

10 best jQuery and HTML5 Rich Text Editors

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best jQuery and HTML5 Rich Text Editors

Here is a list of 10 best jQuery and HTML5 Rich Text Editors (RTE). They are all free, easy to use, and with great functionalities. Enjoy. HTML5 WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is all the rage now! But there is now so many of them around it’s hard to find the best …

Facebook like friend suggestions with jQuery

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In this article i will explain the easy way to create a application like facebook friend suggestions when you click delete(X) button “Do not show this suggestion” the content disappears slowly and to get the new suggestion content appears. CSS Code

Javascript Code



Drag-and-drop menu with MySQL

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In this post i will explain to how to create a Drag and Drop Menus in your web application using php and mysql. This script allows you to manage your menu using drag and drop elements to create a page hierarchy on your webpage. We connect these events using Jquery & Ajax functionalities to update …

Responsive Video Player with Vertical Playlist

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In this article we’ll showcase you the best Responsive Video Player with Vertical Playlist to test and adapt for your next projects. A responsive video player on your webpage assures all your users can enjoy an outstanding viewing experience. You can also put the multiple video files you would like to showcase. MAIN FEATURES 1) …

Download HTML Contact Form Code

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In this post i have explained how to create html5 contact us form. This is very easy, simple and responsive contact form your websites. HTML5 Contact Us Form Create the contact-us.html file with the below HTML code of the contact form and paste in your file.

After adding the below code the contact form …

FreeWebMentor First Post – Welcome

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Prem Tiwari

Thanks for visit on FreeWebMentor. Welcome to my Tech blog. I have started this blog with a vision to share my knowledge with others over the internet. I am sharing the 70-80% practical tutorials with sample demo link and also include the link to download the complete scripts without paying anything. All resources on FreeWebMentor …