How to Replace All Matched Fields in MySQL

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mysql query

Sometime you need to replace some string urls with some thing else in your database table. This is very hard to replace the string or urls in database table manually one by one. Mysql replace query will save your development time. If you used the mysql replace query then, you no need to delete the …

Working With MySQL Events – Complete Beginners Guide

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Working With MySql Events

Hello friends, hope you are doing good. In today’s tutorial, I will explain the very simple and easy steps to working with MySql events with the example. After this tutorial, you will be able to: 1) Create Event 2) View Event 3) Update Event 4) Delete Event How to create mysql events There is two …

Best MySQL GUI Tools for Developers 2017

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MySQL GUI tools play a big role when you are developing the data storage and management web applications. Nowadays MySQL is the world’s second most common used for relational database management system to deliver the excellent results as per user needs. It is also an open source database management system. It is very easy for …

Some Useful WordPress MySQL Queries

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This is a very quick tutorial about some useful WordPress MySQL queries. In this tutorial, I will share some useful MySQL queries which will help you when you are going to move your WordPress site from your dev, staging server to production server. When you upload any WordPress site from staging server to production server, …

How to get data from mysql using AngularJS and PHP

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Hi friends, hope you are doing well. In today’s post i will share a very important things with you. Now days AngularJS is the best option to develop next web application. If you are going to start a new project, then why not choose AngularJS as front-end and PHP as back-end. In this post i …

Start using PDO instead of PHP MySQL extension

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Hi Friends, Thanks for be with Freewebmentor. Freewebmentor wishes you Happy New Year 2017. This is the my first post in 2017. Today i am going to share very useful thing. If you are a PHP Developer OR your websites/web applications are running on PHP, then keep close attention in this post. Recently PHP have …

How to Export Data in .CSV File From Mysql Using PHP

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Are you looking to export your mydal data in .csv file using simple PHP code, then please keep your close attention in this post How to Export Data in .CSV File From Mysql Using PHP. CSV (comma separated values) is most widely supported file format for using data between different applications. PHP fputcsv() function which …