Second highest salary in mysql

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In this tutorial i will explain a very common interview question get second highest salary in mysql. if you are going for the role at junior level developer in PHP OR Mysql database administration, then this post will very useful for you. Most of the people learn it character by character, but few understand how …

Mysql Tutorial With Query Examples

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MYSQL is a language for accessing databases. If you want to start reading mysql tutorials, then you keep close attention in this post. In this post i will share Our tutorial will helping you for access and manipulate data in: MySQL database systems. What Can You Do With MYSQL? 1) MYSQL can execute queries against …

How to Connect Database With PHP

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In this tutorial, I will explain simple and easy steps that will help you to create a database connection with MySql database with PHP applications. It is very easy to write a script in PHP to get connect with most of the popular open source database like MySql.

 Example Below is the complete example …