Disable html tags in comments form

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This code snipts will disable html href, strong, bold and other tags in WordPress comment box. Many spamer are posting comment using these HTMl tags.So your blog post comments looking so ugly. like this : …

How to use Meta Tags in WordPress

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It is vital for website developers to know that a default installation of WordPress does not contain the outline and keywords meta tag knowledge. Meta tags are often additional manually, through changes to the Theme …

Expire WordPress Post After Specific Time

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I am writing this snippets hacks because of getting more request from my blog readers. This snippets is very useful when you are running a promotional coupons code for your products and you want to …

Important Snippets You Should Implement In Every Website

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In today’s post i will explain some important code snippets which you should know and need to implement in every website. Enable shortcodes in widgets You can use your plugin shortcodes in your widgets like …

Highlight Current Page in Menu Bar

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Highlight the current navbar in your wordpress theme. It is very easy and simple follow the below instructions : Open your current activated theme’s style.css file. Copy the bellow code and paste it at the …

Only show admin bar to administrators

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Want to hide the admin bar from frontend in your WordPress website, then keep close attention in this post. In this post i will explain a simple code which will hide admin bar. Open your …

How to Disable WordPress Plugins Updates

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If you want to disable the plugin update notification from your WordPress admin panel, then here is very easy & simple code. Bellow code simply disables the WordPress plugins Updates.This will be beneficial if you …

Check If User is Logged in WordPress

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If you are looking put condition on the basis of user’s login, the you can use the bellow code snippets. This is a simple & easy steps. navigate to your current active wordpress theme folder …

WordPress Breadcrumbs Without Using Any Plugin

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Instructions : Add this code to function.php file in your current theme.

Just  add below code in your functions.php file.


How to Remove WordPress Logo From Admin Bar

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In this post i will explain how to remove WordPress logo from admin bar. Brand your website as per your logo color combination and want to remove wordpress admin logo from admin panel, then use …

Enable Gzip Compression Using .htaccess

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How to Enable Gzip Compression Enables gzip-compression will speed up your WordPress website drastically and reduces bandwidth usage as well. If you have developed your website in wordpress CMS and looking for enable gzip compression, …

How to Remove URL filed from comment form

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Today’s I am going to explain simple and easy steps to Remove the URL field from comment form from your WordPress website. You are a website owner or Web blogger and don’t want to display …