Post pagination without using plugin

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The default WordPress pagination only comes with the “Older posts” and “Newer posts” links at the bottom of the page when you want to navigate to the older entries. If you want to replace the …

How to Update WordPress Version Using the Admin Panel

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When a new wordpress version is available, you will see a notification in the WordPress admin area for update your wordpress website. Please make sure before the update your wordpress version because after successfully upgradation …

Using smileys in WordPess

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In today’s post i will explain how to use smileys with your WordPress website. Smileys express your emotions with a symbol. Smileys, also known as “emoticons,” are glyphs used to convey emotions in your writing. …

Easy Steps To Create a WordPress Plugin

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Writing a Plugin I have added this post because I got many requests. In this article i will describe the easy and simple steps to create the wordpress plugin. WordPress Plugins allow to easy modification, …

How to Disable WordPress Plugins Updates

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If you want to disable the plugin update notification from your WordPress admin panel, then here is very easy & simple code. Bellow code simply disables the WordPress plugins Updates.This will be beneficial if you …

Facebook like box for wordpress

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It will display a more flexible and responsible Facebook Like Box in your WordPress sidebar widgets. More than that, it also enables to display in your code template. Facebook Like Box is a WordPress social …

Check If User is Logged in WordPress

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If you are looking put condition on the basis of user’s login, the you can use the bellow code snippets. This is a simple & easy steps. navigate to your current active wordpress theme folder …

Easy Steps To Create WordPress Theme From HTML Template

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How WordPress Theme Works WordPress Theme File Structure header.php // header file footer.php // footer file index.php // the index file page.php // for your WP pages single.php // for your WP posts category.php // …

Creating a Custom WordPress Widgets

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WordPress widgets provides a simple way of giving any information of your website users. It can be easily dragged and dropped in your widget area. Navigate to the Appearance » Widgets section in your WordPress …

WordPress Breadcrumbs Without Using Any Plugin

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Instructions : Add this code to function.php file in your current theme.

Just  add below code in your functions.php file.


How to Remove WordPress Logo From Admin Bar

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In this post i will explain how to remove WordPress logo from admin bar. Brand your website as per your logo color combination and want to remove wordpress admin logo from admin panel, then use …

How to Install WordPress on wamp or xampp server

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In this article i will explain the easy steps to Install WordPress on your wamp or xampp server. WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) which is used to create a beautiful websites …

How to Remove URL filed from comment form

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Today’s I am going to explain simple and easy steps to Remove the URL field from comment form from your WordPress website. You are a website owner or Web blogger and don’t want to display …