A To Z Full Forms List


AACI               :- Airport Association Council International
AAFI               :- Amateur Athletics Federation of India
AAGSP           :- All Assam Gana Sangram Parishad
AAPSO           :- Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organisation

AASU              :- All Assam Students Union
ABM               :- Anti Ballistic Missile

ABCDE          :- Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics

ABSU             :- All Bodo Students Union

ABT                :- Availability Based Tariff

AC                   :- Alternate Current or Ashok Chakra or Air Conditioner or Antarctic Club

AD                  :- Ano Domini (After the birth of Jesus)

ADA                :- Air Defence Artillery

ADB                :- Asian Development Bank

AERE             :- Atomic Energy Research Establishment

AEO                :-American Eagle Outfitters

AFLP              :- Accelerated Female Literacy

AFPPD            :- Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population & Development

AGF                :- Asian Games Federation

AGOC             :- Asian Games Organization Committee

AICC               :- All India Congress Committee

AICTE            :- All India Council of Technical Education

AICCTU         :- All India Central Council of Trade Unions

AICI               :- Agricultural Insurance Corporation of India

AIDS              :- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

AIFF               :- All India Football Federation

AIIMS            :- All India Institute of Medical Sciences

AIL                 :- Aeronautics India Limited

AIMPLB        :- All India Muslim Personal Law Board

AINEC            :- All India Newspapers Editors Conference

AIR                 :- All India Radio

AITUC            :- All India Trade Union Congress

ALH                :- Advanced Light Helicopter

AM                 :- Anti Meridian (Before Noon)

AMIE             :- Associate Member of the Institute of Engineers

ANC               :- African National Congress

APNN             :- Asian Pacific News Network

APEC              :- Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation

APPLE            :- Asian Passenger Payload Experiment

APPU              :- Asian Pacific Postal Union

ARF                :- Asian Regional Forum

ARDS             :- Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

ASEAN           :- Association of South East Asian Nations

ASLV              :- Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle

ASI                  :- Archaeological Survey of India

ASSOCHAM :- Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (India)

AWACS          :- Airborne Warning and Control System

ATCI               :- Air Time Committee of India

ATF                 :- Aviation Turbine Fuel

ATPLO            :- All Tripura Peoples Liberation Organisation

ATS                 :- Anti Tetanus Serum

ATTF               :- All Tripura Tribal Force

AVARD           :- Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development


BAMS            :- Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and SurgeryBARC            :- Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

BBC               :- British Broadcasting Corporation

BC                  :- Before Christ

BCG               :- Bacillus Calmette Guerin (Anti TB Vaccine)

BCCI              :- Board of Control for Cricket in India

BCCL             :- Bharat Cooking Coal Limited

BDL               :- Bharat Dynamics Limited

BEL                :- Bharat Electronics Limited

BENELUX     :- Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg

BHEL             :- Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited

BICP              :- Bureau of Industrial Costs and Prices

BIFR              :- Board of Industrial Finance and Reconstruction

BIMSTEC     :- Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka,Thailand Economic Cooperation

BIS                  :- Bureau of Indian Standards/ British Information Service

BIS                  :- Bank for International Settlements

BLTF             :- Bodo Liberation Tigers Force

BPO               :- Business Process Outsourcing

B.PHARMA  :- Bachelor of Pharmacy

BRL               :- Bharat Refineries Ltd

BSF                :- Border Security Force

BTC               :- Bodoland Territorial Council


CAD              :- Command Area Development

CAG              :- Controller of Auditor General

CAIR            :- Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

CAS               :- Conditional Access System

CASE            :- Commission for Alternative Sources of Energy

CAT               :- Control for Advance Technology

CAT               :- Central Administrative Tribunal

CAZRL         :- Central Arid Zone Research Institute

CBDT           :- Central Board of Direct Taxes

CBI               :- Central Bureau of Investigation

CBI               :- Crime Branch of India

CBSE            :- Central Board of Secondary Education

CCEA           :- Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs

CCIC            :- Central Cottage Industries Corporation

CCI               :- Consumer Confidence Index

CCL              :- Central Coal-fields Limited

CCIT            :- Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism

CCS              :- Cabinet Committee on Security

C-DAC         :- Centre for Development of Advance Computing

CDC             :- Consulting Development Centre

CDRL          :- Central Drug Research Institute

CDS             :- Compulsory Deposit Scheme

CEA             :- Central Electrical Authority

CENTO       :- Central Treaty Organization

CERN         :- Council European Organization for Nuclear Research

CFRI           :- Central Fuel Research Institute

CFTRI         :- Central Food Technological Research Institute

CGCRI        :- Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute

CGWB         :- Central Ground Water Board

CHOGM     :- Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

CID              :- Criminal Investigation Department

CIFT             :- Committee on Invisible Financing Related Trade

CIMA           :- Centre of International Modern Art

CIRDAP       :- Council of Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific

CIRTES        :- Central Institute for Research and Training in Employment Services

CIS                :- Commonwealth of Independent States

CISF              :- Central Industrial Security Force

CITU             :- Centre of Indian Trade Union

CIWTC         :- Central Inland Water Transport Corporation

CLASP          :- Child Labour Action and Support Project

CMC             :- Cauri Monitoring Committee

CMAG          :- Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group

CMAL          :- Coal Mines Authority Limited

CMDRO      :- Central Marine Design Research Organization

CMMACS    :- Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation

CMPDI         :- Central Mine Planning and Design Institute

CMS             :- Central Monitoring Series

CNG             :- Compressed Natural Gas

COD             :- Central Ordinance Depot

CODESA     :- Convention for a Democratic South Africa

COFEPOSA :- Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Act

COSPAR        :- Committee On Space Research

COPU             :- Committee on Public Undertaking (under                                                                                                   Parliament)

CORE             :- Congress on Racial Equality

CPCB              :- Central Pollution Control Board

CPCRI            :- Central Plantation Crops Research Institute

CPO                :- Central Passport Organization

CPRI               :- Central Power Research Institute

CRP                :- Central Reserve Police

CRR               :- Cash Reserve Ratio

CSE                :- Centre for Science and Environment

CSCE              :- Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe

CSIR               :- Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

CTEPC           :- Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council

CTS                 :- Computerised Tomography Scanner

COCA             :- Control of Organized Crime Act

CVC                :- Central Vigilance Commission

CVR                :- Cockpit Voice Recorder


DAVP              :- Directorate of Advertising and Visual PublicityDCA                :- Drug and Cosmetic Act

DCI                 :- Dredging Corporation of India

DDT                :- Dichloro Diphenyle Trichloroethane

DDP                :- Desert Development Programme

DFDR             :- Digital Flight Data Recorder (Black Box)

DIG                 :- Deputy Inspector General

D.Lit                :- Doctor of Literature

DGCA             :- Director General of Civil Aviation

DICGC           :- Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation

DIG                 :- Defence Intelligence Group

DLO                :- Dead Letter Office

DGCEI           :- Directorate General of Central Excise Intelligence

DM                 :- District Magistrate

DMK              :- Dravida Munetra Kazhagam

DMRL            :- Defence Metalurgical Research Laboratory

DNA                :- Di-oxyribo Nucleic Acid

DNEM            :- Dynamic Numeric Encoding Method

DPAP               :- Drought Prone Area Programme

DPCS              :- Defence Satellite Communication System

DPC                :- Dabhol Power Company

DPCO             :- Drug Prices Control Order

DPSA              :- Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft

DRDO            :- Defence Research and Development Organization

DRI                 :- Director of Revenue Intelligence

DSP                 :- Digital Signal Processing

DST                :- Department of Science & Technology

DTH               :- Direct To Home

DOTS             :- Directly Observed Treatment Shortcourse

DVC               :- Damodar Valley Corporation

DVD               :- Digital Versatile Disk


EAA                :- Easy Animal AidEAS                :- Employment Assurance Scheme

ECB                :- European Central Bank

ECG                :- Electro Cardiogram Graph

ECIL               :- Electronic Corporation of India Limited

ECM               :- European Common Market

ECOWAS       :- Economic Cooperation Organization of West African States

EEC                :- European Economic Community

EEG                :- Electro Encephalogram Graph

EFTA              :- European Free Trade Association

EGPWS          :- Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System

EHTP             :- Electronics Hardware Technology Park

ELCINA        :- Electronics and Radar Development Establishment

ELISA            :- Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay

EMF               :- Electromotive Force

EMI                :- Equal Monthly Installment

EMR               :- Exclusive Marketing Right

EMS                :- European Monetary System

EMU               :- Electric Multiple Unit

ENLF              :- Elam National Liberation Front

EOW               :- Economic Offence Wing

EPIP                :- Export Promotion Industrial Park

EPRLF            :- Elam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front

EPZ                 :- Export Processing Zone

ERDA             :- Energy Research and Development Administration

ERS                :- European Remote Sensing Satellite

ERTS             :- Earth Resources Technology Satellite

ESA                :- European Space Agency

ESCAP            :- Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific

ESMA             :- Essential Services Maintenance Act

EVM               :- Electronic Voting Machine

EVTR              :- Electro Video Tape Recording

EXIM              :- bank Export-Import Bank of India

EURECA        :- European Research Coordinating Agency


FAO                 :- Food and Agriculture OrganizationFARC              :- Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia

FBI                  :- Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBTR              :- Fast Breeder Test Reactor

FCV                :- Flue Cured Virginia (a kind of tobacco)

FCI                 :- Food Corporation of India/Fertilizer Corporation of India

FDR                :- Flight Data Recorder (Black Box)

FERA              :- Foreign Exchange Regulation Act

FEMA             :- Foreign Exchange Management Act

FFI                  :- Film Federation of India

FICCI             :- Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

FIEO               :- Federation of Indian Export Organization

FIIA                :- Foreign Investment Implementation Authority

FIIT                :- Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer

FIPB               :- Foreign Investment Promotion Board

FIR                 :- First Information Report

FRS                :- Fellow of the Royal Society

FTA                 :- Free To Air

FTII                :- Films & Television Institute of India

FTZ                 :- Free Trade Zone


GAIL               :- Gas Authority of India LimitedGATT              :- General Agreement on Tariff and Trade

GAVI               :- Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization

GCC                :- Gulf Cooperation Council

GIC                 :- General Insurance Corporation

GMPCS          :- Global Mobile Personal Communications System

GMRT            :- Giant Meterweb Radio Telescope

GMT               :- Greenwich Mean Time

GNLF             :- Gorkha National Liberation Front

GNP                :- Gross National Product

GPF                 :- General Provident Fund

GPO                :- General Post Office

GPRS              :- General Packet Radio Service

GPS                 :- Global Positioning System

GRA                :- Global Research Alliance

GSDI               :- Global Spatial Data Infrastructure

GSI                  :- Geological Survey of India

GSTP               :- Global System of Trade Practices

GSOMIA        :- General Security of Military Information Agreement


HAC                :- Hindustan Aluminium CorporationHADP             :- Hill Area Development Programme

HAL                :- Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

HARK            :- Handy Audio Reach Kit System

HARTRDN    :- Haryana State Electricity Development Corporation Limited

HCF                :- Highest Common Factor

HDFC             :- Housing Development Finance Corporation

HDPE             :- High Density Poly Ethylene

HDTV             :- High Definition Television

HEC                :- Heavy Engineering Corporation

HEL                :- Heavy Electricals Limited

HESH             :- High Explosive Squash Head

HISA              :- Hero Indian Sports Academy

HIV                :- Human Immuno-deficiency Virus

HMI               :- Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

HMT              :- Hindustan Machine Tools

HPTS             :- High Power Television Transmitter System

HTR              :- High Temperature Reactor

HUDCO         :- Housing and Urban Development Corporation

HYVS             :- High Yield Variety Seeds


IAAI               :- International Airport Authority of IndiaIAC                :- Indian Airlines Corporation

IADF              :- International Agriculture Development Fund

IAEA              :- International Atomic Energy Agency

IAPPD            :- Indian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and Development

IARI               :- Indian Agricultural Research Institute

IATA               :- International Air Transport Association

IBSA               :- India, Brazil, South Africa

IBRD              :- International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (worldbank)

IBWL              :- Indian Board of Wild Life

ICAC               :- International Council of Adult Education

ICAI                :- Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

ICAO              :- International Civil Aviation Organization

ICAR              :- Indian Council of Agricultural Research

ICBM             :- Inter Continental Ballistic Missile

ICC                 :- International Cricket Council

ICCR              :- Indian Council of Cultural Relations

ICCW             :- Indian Council of Child Welfare

ICFTU            :- International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

ICHR              :- Indian Council for Historical Research

ICICI              :- Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Ltd.

ICJ                  :- International Court of Justice

ICMR             :- Indian Council of Medical Research

ICO                 :- Islamic Conference Organization

ICPA                :- Indian Cricket Players Association

ICRC               :- International Committee of the Red Cross

ICRISAT         :- International Crops Research Institute for the Semi Arid Topics

ICSI                :- Indian Company Secretaries Institute

ICSSR            :- Indian Council of Social Science Research

IDA                 :- International Development Agency

IDBI                :- Industrial Development Bank of India

IDD                 :- Iodine Deficiency Disorder

IDO                 :- International Defence Organization

IDPL               :- Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited

IED                 :- Improvised Explosives Device

IFA                  :- Indian Football Association

IFAD               :- International Fund for Agricultural Development

IFCI                :- Industrial Finance Corporation of India

IFFI                 :- International Film Festival of India

IFFCO            :- Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative

IFFS                :- International Federation of Film Societies

IFTU               :- International Federation of Trade Union

IGMCO          :- Inter-Government Maritime Consultative Organization

IGNCA           :- Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts

IIAS                :- Indian Institute of Advance Studies

IIBM              :- Indian Institute of Business Management

IIDR               :- International Institute for Development Research

IIPA                :- Indian Institute of Public Administration

IITM              :- Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology

IIS                   :- Indian Institute of Sciences

IISCO             :- Indian Iron and Steel Company

IIT                   :- Indian Institute of Technology

ILO                 :- International Labour Organization

IMA                :- Indian Military Academy

IMCO             :- Inter-government Meritime Consultative Organization

IMF                :- Indian Mountaineering Foundation/International Monetary Fund

IMPPA            :- Indian Motion Picture Producers Asscoation

INGCA           :- Indira Gandhi Gallery for Culture and Art

INMURSAT   :- International Maritime Satellite Organisation

INMAS           :- Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences

INS                  :- Indian Naval Ship/Indian Newspapers Society

INSAT             :- Indian National Satellite

INSDOC         :- Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre

INTAC            :- Indian National Trust for Art and Culture

INTELSAT     :- International Telecommunication Satellite

INTERFEET :- International Force for East Timor

INTERPOL    :- Interpole Police Organisation

INCOSPAR    :- Indian National Committee for Space Research

INTUC            :- Indian National Trade Union Congress

IOC                 :- International Olympic Committee/Indian Oil Corporation

IPC                  :- Indian Penal Code

IPCC               :- Inter-government Panel on Climate Chance

IPI                   :- International Press Institution

IPKF               :- Indian Peace Keeping Force

IP-VPN           :- Internet Protocol based Virtual Private Network

IQ                    :- Intelligence Quotient

IRA                 :- Irish Republic Army/Insurance Regulatory Authority

IRAS               :- Infrared Astronomical Satellite

IRBM             :- Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile

IRCON           :- Indian Railway Construction Company

IRCS               :- Indian Red Cross Society

IRDA              :- Insurance Regulatory Development Authority

IRDP               :- Integrated Rural Development Programme

IRO                 :- International Refugee Organization

IRSS                :- Indian Remote Sensing Satellite

ISAF                :- International Security Assistance Force

ISAS                :- Institute of Space and Astronomical Science

ISB                  :- Indian Standard Bureau

ISBA               :- International Sea Bed Authority

ISCUS             :- Indo-Soviet Cultural Society

ISE                  :- International Stock Exchange

ISM                 :- Indian School of Mines

ISO                  :- International Standardized Organization

ISP                  :- Internet Services Provider

ISRO              :- Indian Space Research Organization

ISS                  :- Institute of Social Sciences

ISSP                :- Indian Scientific Satellite Project

IST                  :- Indian Standard Time

ITBP               :- Indo-Tibet Border Police

ITDC              :- Indian Tourism Development Corporation

ITES               :- IT-Enabled Services

ITPO               :- Indian Trade Promotion Organization

ITO                 :- International Trade Organization

ITR                 :- Integrated Test Range

ITU                 :- International Telecommunication Union

ITUC              :- Indian Trade Union Congress

IUC                 :- Interconnect Usage Charges

IUCAA            :- Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics

IUCNNR        :- International Union for the Conservation of Natural and National Research

IVRI               :- Indian Veterinary Research Institute

IVRS              :- Interactive Virus Response System

IWT                :- Indus Water Treaty

IYSH              :- International Year of Shelter for the Homeless


J2SE               :- Java 2 Standard Edition OR Java 2 Special EditionJ2ME              :- Java 2 Micro Edition OR Java 2 Mobile Edition

JCWI              :- Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

JKLF              :- Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front

JMM              :- Jharkhand Mukti Morcha


KAADC          :- Karbi Anglong Autonomous District CouncilKARP             :- Kalpakkam Atomic Reprocessing Plant

KG                  :- Kinder Garten

KRM              :- Kashmir Resolution Movement

KSTPS            :- Kota Super Thermal Power Station

KVIC              :- Khadi and Village Industries Commission


LAC                :- Line of Actual Control

LAHDC          :- Ladakh Hill Development Council

LASER           :- Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

LCM               :- Lowest  Common  Multiple

LDC                :- Lower Division Clerk

LIBOR           :- London Inter Bank Offered Rate

LIC                 :- Life Insurance Corporation of India

LLB                :- Bachelor of Law

LLD                :- Doctor of Law

LLM               :- Master of Law

LMG              :- Light Machine Gun

LOC                :- Line of Control

LOAC             :- Line of Actual Control

LPA                 :- Laws Prevention Association of India

LPG                :- Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LSD                :- Lysergic acid Di-ethylamide

LTTE              :- Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam


MA                 :- Master of Arts

MAIT             :- Manufacturer’s Association of Information Technology

MAPP             :- Madras Atomic Power Project

MASER          :- Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

MBA              :- Master of Business Administration

MBBS            :- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

MCA              :- Master of Computer Application

MCC              :- Melbourne Cricket Club

MCF               :- Master Control Facility

MCOCA         :- Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act

MD                 :- Doctor of Medicine

MECL            :- Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited

MEET             :- Mission for Extension of Educational Technology

MENAS          :- Middle East Navigation Aids Service

MERC            :- Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission

METO            :- Middle East Treaty Organization

MFALA          :- Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Labour Agency

MFALS          :- Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Liberation Scheme

MFN              :- Most Favoured Nation

MI                   :- Military Intelligence

MIGA             :- Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

MISA              :- Maintenance of Internal Security Act

MIT                :- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MLA               :- Member of Legislative Assembly

MLC               :- Member of Legislative Council

MMDS           :- Multiple Microwave Distribution System

MMTC           :- Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation

MNAMS        :- Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences

MNC              :- Multi National Corporation

MNLF            :- Moro National Liberation Front

MPLS             :- Micro Protocol Label Switching

MPLANDS    :- Member of the Parliament Local Areas Development Scheme

MRTPC          :- Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Practice Commission

MRTS            :- Mass Rapid Transport System

MSA               :- Maritime Safety Agency

MST               :- Multi System Transmission

MTCT            :- Mother to Child Transmission

MTCR            :- Missile Technology Control Regime

MODVAT       :- Modified Value Added Tax

MULTA          :- Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Assam


NABARD       :- National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development

NACO             :- National AIDS Control Organization

NADAMS      :- National Agricultural Drought Assessment and Monitoring System

NAEP             :- National Adult Educational Programme

NAFED           :- National Agricultural and Marketing Federation

NAFEN           :- Near and Far East News

NAFTA           :- North American Free Trade Agreement

NANAP          :- Non-Aligned News Agency Pool

NAPP              :- Narora Atomic Power Plant

NASA             :- National Aeronautic and space Administration

NASDAQ       :- National Association of Security Dealer’s Active Quotation

NASSCOM    :- National Association of Software & Service Companies

NATO             :- North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBCC             :- National Building and Construction Corporation

NBCW            :- Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

NBPGR          :- National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources

NBTB             :- National Biotechnology Board

NBER             :- National Bureau of Economic Research

NCA                :- Nuclear Command Authority

NCAER          :- National Council for Applied Economic Research

NCB                :- Narcotics Control Bureau

NCCF             :- National Consumers Cooperative Federation

NCDA             :- National Coal Development Authority

NCDC             :- National Cooperative Development Corporation

NCERT          :- National Council of Educational Research and Training

NCFSE           :- National Curriculum Framework for Secondary Education

NCPEDP        :- National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People

NCRA             :- National Centre for Radio Astrophysics

NCRB             :- National Crime Record Bureau

NCSTC           :- National Council for Science and Technology Communication

NCW               :- National Commission for Women

NCCR             :- National Council for Civil Right

NDA                :- National Defense Academy

NDDB            :- National Dairy Development Board

NDF                :- National Defense Fund

NDPDC          :- National Drugs and Pharmaceutical Development Council

NEA                :- National Environment Authority

NEERI            :- National Environment Engineering Research Institute

NEEPCO        :- North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited

NEFA              :- North East Frontier Agency

NEPA              :- National Environment Protection Authority

NEXST           :- National Experimental Supersonic Transport

NFDC             :- National Film Development Corporation

NFIW             :- National Federation of Indian Women

NFL                :- National Fertilizer Limited

NFSIT             :- National Venture Fund for Software and Information Technology

NGRI              :- National Geophysical Research Institute

NHPC             :- National Hydroelectric Power Corporation

NHRC            :- National Human Rights Commission

NIC                 :- National Integration Council / National Informatics Centre

NICD              :- National Institute of Communicable Diseases

NIDC              :- National Industrial Development Corporation

NIEO              :- New International Economic Order

NIIT               :- National Institute of Information Technology

NIMHANS    :- National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Science

NITIE             :- National Institute for Training in Industrial Engineering

NLFT              :- National Liberation Front of Tripura

NLOT             :- National Large Optical Telescope

NMDC           :- National Mineral Development Corporation

NMDS            :- National Missile Defense System

NMEP            :- National Malaria Eradication Programme

NMHC           :- National Material Handling Council

NOAA             :- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOIDA           :- New Okhla Industrial Development Authority

NPB                 :- Nuclear Power Board

NPC                 :- National Productivity Council

NPCC              :- National Project Construction Corporation

NPCIL            :- Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited

NPL                :- National Physical Laboratory

NPP                 :- National Population Policy

NPT                 :- Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

NRAI              :- National Rifle Association of India

NRC                :- National Reconstruction Core

NRDC            :- National Research and Development Corporation

NREP             :- National Rural Employment Programme

NRI                 :- Non Resident Indian

NSA                :- National Security Act

NSC                :- National Security Council / National Savings Certificate

NSCN             :- National Socialist Council of Nagaland

NSS                 :- National Service Scheme

NSSO              :- National Sample Survey Organization

NSSTC           :- National Space Science and Technology Centre

NSTL              :- National Science and Technological Laboratory

NSTEDB        :- National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board

NTC                :- National Textile Corporation

NTES              :- National Train Enquiry System

NTPC              :- National Thermal Power Corporation


OAPNA           :- Organization of Asia and Pacific News AgencyOAU                :- Organization of African Unity

OCS                :- Overseas Communication Service

OECD             :- Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OEEC              :- Organization for European Economic Cooperation

OGL                :- Open General License

OIL                 :- Oil India Limited

OK                  :- All Correct

OIGS              :- On India Government Service

ONGC            :- Oil and Natural Gas Commission

OMSS            :- Open Market Sale Scheme

OPEC              :- Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

OPPI                :- Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India

OSCE              :- Organization of European Security Council


PACS              :- Primary Agricultural Credit Society

PAFNA           :- Pan African News Agency

PATA              :- Pacific Asia Travel Association

PCI                  :- Press Council of India

PCS                 :- Provincial Civil Services

PEO                :- Programme Evaluation Organization

Ph.D.              :- Doctor of Philosophy

PIB                  :- Press Information Bureau

PIN                 :- Postal Index Number

PIOC              :- Persons of Indian Origin Card

PGIMR          :- Post Graduate Institute of Medical Research

PLA                :- Peoples Liberation Army

PLO                :- Palestine Liberation Organization

PLOTE           :- Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Elam

PMSSY          :- Pradhan Mantari Swasthya Suraksha Yojna

PM                 :- Post Meridian / Prime Minister

PMLA            :- Peoples Movement for Liberation of Angola

PNR              :- Passanger Numerical Record

POTA           :- Prevention of Terrorism Act

PSLV            :- Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

PSI                 :- Population Service International

PTI                 :- Press Trust of India

PTO               :- Please Turn Over

PTCT            :- Parents to Child Transmission

PUCC            :- Pollution Under Control Certificate

PUCL            :- Peoples Union for Civil Liberties

PUDR           :- Peoples Union for Democratic Rights

PVC               :- Poly Vinyl Chloride / Param Vir Chakra

PVSM           :- Param Vishist Seva Medal

PWD             :-  Public Works Department

PWG             :- Peoples War Group


RADAR        :- Radio Detecting and RangingRAFC            :- Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia

RAPP            :- Rajasthan Atomic Power Project

RAW             :- Research and Analysis Wing

R&D             :- Research and Development

RBI               :- Reserve Bank of India

RCC              :- Reinforced Cement Concrete

RDSO           :- Research Design and Standard Organization

RDX             :- Research Development Explosive

REACH        :- Rural Entrepreneurship for Art and Culture Heritage

RFMT            :- Republic of Fiji Military Forces

RGNDWM    :- Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission

RITES            :- Rail India Technical and Economic Services

RMS               :- Railway Mail Service

RPNNL          :- Rashtriya Pariyojana Nirman Nigam Limited

RRC               :- Reactor Research Centre

RLEGP          :- Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme

RNA               :- Ribonucleic Acid

ROSNI           :- Round Spermatid Nuclear Injection

RSS                 :- Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

RTO                :- Regional Transport Officer

RTRA             :- Rail Tariff Regulatory Authority


SAAF              :- South Asian Accountants FederationSAARC           :- South Asian Association for Regional  Cooperation

SADCC           :- South African Development Corporation Conference

SAFMA          :- South Asian Free Media Association

SAHR             :- South Asians for Human Rights

SAI                  :- Sports Authority of India

SAIL               :- Steel Authority of India Limited

SALT              :- Strategic Arms Limitation Tax

SAPTA           :- South Asian Preferential Trade Arrangement

SARS             :- Service Acute Respiratory Syndrome

SATO            :- South Atlantic Treaty Organization

SATTE           :- South Asian Travel and Tourism Exchange

SC                  :- Security Council / Supreme Court / Scheduled Caste

SCHIL            :- Stock Holding Corporation of India

SCI                  :- Shipping Corporation of India

SCL                 :- Space Corporation Limited

SCOPE           :- Standing Conference of Public Enterprises

SCRA             :- Special Class Railway Apprentice

SDK                :- System Development Kit OR Sun Development Kit

SDR                :- Special Drawing Rights

SEARCH        :- Society for Environmental Awareness and Rehabilitation of Child and       Handicapped

SEATO           :- South East Asia Treaty Organization

SEBI               :- Security Exchange Board of India

SEEPZ            :- Santacruz Electronic Export Processing Zone

SEO                :- Satellite for Earth Observation

SERC             :- Structural Engineering Research Centre

SETS             :- Society of Electronics Transaction and Security

SEWA            :- Self Employed Women’s Association

SFALA           :- Small Farmers and Agricultural Labourers Agency

SFC                 :- Strategic Force Command

SGPC             :- Siromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee

SHAR            :- Shri Harikota Range

SAHMAT      :- Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust

SIAM            :- Society of Indian Automobiles Manufacturers

SIDS             :- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

SIDBI            :- Small Industries Development Bank of India

SITA              :- Separation of Immoral Traffic in Women and Girls Act

SIS                  :- Secret Intelligence Service

SIV                  :- Semen Immuno Deficiency Virus

SLAR              :- Sight Looking Environment Radar

SLBM             :- Submarine Launch Balistic Missile

SLV                 :- Satellite Launch Vehicle

SMART          :- Small Mission for Advance Research

SMS                :- Short Messaging System

SNIPES           :- Society of National Institutes for Physical Education and Sports

SPCA               :- Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

SROSS           :- Stretched Rohini Satellite Series

SSD                 :- Satellite System Division

SSN                 :- Social Security Number

SSTEP            :- Symphonic Satellite Telecommunication Experiment Project

STARS           :- Satellite Training and Ranging System

START           :- Strategic Armed Reduction Talks

STD                :- Subscribers Trunk Dialing OR Sexually Transmitted Disease

STEC             :- Solar Thermal Energy Centre

STEP              :- Satellite Telecommunication Experiment Project

STPI               :- Software Technology Park of India

SUNFED        :- Special United Nations Fund for Economic Development

SWAPO          :- South West African Peoples Organization

SWIFT            :- Short Work Programme in Information Technology


TACDE           :- Tactics & Aircrafts Development Establishment

TAPS              :- Tarapur Atomic Power Station

TANSI            :- Tamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation

TAMP             :- Tariff Authority for Major Port

TB                   :- Tuberculosis

TCI                 :- Trading Corporation of India

TCPO             :- Town and Country Planning Organization

TDSAT           :- Telecom Dispute Settlement and Appellate Tribunal

TELCO           :- Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company

TELEX           :- Teleprinter Exchange

TRELS           :- Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station

TGIT              :- Telecom Group on Information Technology

TIFAC            :- Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council

TISCO            :- Tata Iron & Steel Company

TIN                 :- Taxpayer’s Identification Number

TMO              :- Telegraphic Money Order

TNT                :- Tri Nitro Toluene

TRACT           :- Transportable Remote Area Communications Terminal

TRAI              :- Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

TRQ               :- Tariff Rate Quota

TTFI              :- Table Tennis Federation of India

TVA               :- Tennesey Valley Authority

TWA              :- Trans World Airlines

TWAS             :- Third World Academy of Science

TWHS            :- Traditional Water Harvesting Systems

TWMF           :- Third World Monetary Fund

TWSI             :- Tourism and Wild Life Society of India


UANC             :- United African National CouncilUBLF             :- United Bengali Liberation Front

UDC               :- Upper Division Clerk /University Development Commission

UDI                 :- Unilateral Declaration of Independence

UEEM             :- Universalization of Elementary Education Mission

UGC                :- University Grant Commission

ULFA              :- United Liberation Front of Assam

UNAEC          :- United Nations Atomic Energy Commission

UNCED          :- United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

UNCHS          :- United Nations Commission on Human Settlements

UNCLOS        :- United Nations Conference on Law of the Sea

UNCSTD        :- United Nations Conference on Sciences and Technology for Development

UNCTC          :- United Nations Counter Terrorism Committee

UNCTAD       :- United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNDP             :- United Nations Development Programme

UNECAFE      :- United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and Far East

UNEF             :- United Nations Emergency Force

UNEP             :- United Nations Environment Programme

UNESCO        :- United Nations Economic and Social Commission

UNFCC           :- United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change

UNFPA           :- United Nations Framework for Population Activities

UNHCR          :- United Nations High Commission for Refugees

UNI                 :- United News of India

UNICEF         :- United Nations International Children Emergency Fund

UNIDO           :- United Nations Industrial Development Organization

UNISPACE   :- United Nations Conference on Exploration and Peaceful Usage of Outer Space

UNMIL          :- United Nations Mission in Libra

UNMOVIC   :- United Nations Monitoring Verification and Inspection Commission

UNO              :- United Nations Organization

UNRRA         :- United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration

UNSCOM      :- United Nations Special Commission

UNTAG          :- United Nations Transition Assistance Group

UPROV          :- Union for Protection of New Varieties of Plants

UPSC              :- Union Public Service Commission

UPTN              :- Universal Personal Tele Number

UPU                :- Universal Postal Union

USAID           :- United States Agency for International Development

USIS              :- United States Information Service

USITC            :- United States International Trade Corporation

USSR             :- Union of Soviet Socialist Republic

UTS                :- Unreserved Ticketing System


VABAL          :- Value Based Advanced License

VAT               :- Value Added Tax

VCO              :- Viceroy Commissioned Officer

VIP                :- Very Important Person

VPP               :- Value Payable Post

VRDE           :- Vehicle Research and Development Establishment

VRS               :- Voluntary Retirement Scheme

VSNL            :- Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited

VSSC            :- Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre

VTMS           :- Versel Traffic Management System

VVF               :- Village Volunteer Force


WANO           :- World Association of Nuclear Operators

WAY             :- World Assembly of Youth

WEF             :- World Economic Forum

WFTU           :- World Federation of Trade Union

WHO             :- World Health Organization

WIDF            :- Women’s International Democratic Federation

WIPO           :- World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPSA          :- Women’s Initiative for Peace in South Asia

WMO            :- World Meteorological Organization

WWF            :- World Wild Life Fund

WWFI           :- World Wide Fund for Nature India

WWPA          :- World Wild Life Protection Agency


YMCA          :- Young Men’s Christians Associations

YWCA          :- Young Women’s Christians Association


ZBB              :- Zero Base Budgeting

ZETA            :- Zero Energy Thermo Nuclear Assembly

ZIFT              :- Zygote Intra fallopian Transfer

ZIP                :- Zone Improvement Plan

ZOPFAN      :- Zone of Peace Freedom and Neutrality

ZS                 :- Zoological Society

ZUPO           :- Zimbabwe United People’s Organisation