Java Programs With Examples

Below is the list of Java programs with an example and explianations. At the end of every Programs we have shared the some execution result with input/output, so thta it woould help you to more understand.

SNoJava Programs
1Jsp tutorial for beginners with examples
2Easy steps to JDBC Connection in Java
3Best Practices REST & JSON API Design for Java Developers
4How to install apache tomcat server
5A Simple Hello World Java Program
6Exceptions and Exception Handling in Java
7Java Program to Add Any Two Numbers
8Java Program to Subtract Any Two Numbers
9Java Program to Swap Numbers
10Java Program to Check Armstrong Number
11Reverse Number Program in Java Programming Language
12Odd Even Program in Java
13How to write a Java Program to Swap Number Without Temporary Variable
14Java Program to Calculate The Factorial Number
15Palindrome Program in Java
16How to Find Third Highest Number in an Array Using Java Program
17How to Remove Duplicate Element in an Array Using Java
18Java Program to Print Random Numbers With Output
19Fibonacci Series Program in Java
20Java Program to Get Yesterday’s Date with Output
21Prime Number Program in Java
22Find Smallest Number in an Array Using Java
23Java Program to Print First 10 Natural Numbers
24Binary Search Program in Java
25Java Program to Subtract Any Two Numbers
26Java Program to Print First 10 Prime Numbers
27Java Program to Add Two Numbers Without Using Third Variable
28Java Program to Get IP Address
29Bubble Sort Program in Java
30Selection Sort Program in Java
31Linear Search Program in Java
32Java Program to Multiply Any Two Numbers
33Java Program to Divide Any Two Numbers
34Java Program to Generate Random Numbers
35Java Program to Shutdown Computer
36Binary Search Program in Java
37Java Program to Reverse a Queue
38Java Program to Get IP Address
39How to Open Notepad Using Java Program
40Java Program to Reverse a Number Using Stack
41Java Program to Delete a File From Directory
42Topological sorting program in Java
43Java program for implementation of QuickSort
44Java program to calculate simple interest with the output
45DFS traversal program in java with the output
46Java program to calculate area of a circle with the output
47Java program to check whether file hidden or not
48Java program to print an array with the output
49Java program to add two dates using calendar
50Java program to compare strings
51Java program to Join two lists
52Java program to find ASCII value of a character
53Java program to convert decimal number to binary
54leap year program in java
55Java program to Reverse the Array With the Output
56Breadth First Search (BFS) Program in Java
57Java program to perform garbage collection
58Java program to implement stack
59Java program to swap two elements in a vector
60Java program to sum the elements of an array
61Java program to convert decimal to hexadecimal
62How to compare two arrays in Java
63How to declare a final arrays in Java
64Java program for implementation of Heap Sort
65Java program for implementation of recursive Binary Search
66Java program for Merge Sort with the output
67Java program to read a CSV File
68Java program to Join Threads with the output
69How to write a batch processing program in Java
70Java program to count the number of words
71Simple Java program to print next greater elements in a given array
72How to find cubic number from 1 to n in Java
73Print Hello World using Java Applet program
74Java program to implement singly linked list
75Java Programming Examples on Array
76Java Program to shuffle a given array
77Java program for reversing the linked list
78Java program for array rotation with the output
79Basic Java Programs Examples
80Java program to reverse a string with the output
81Java program to find the minimum distance between two numbers
82Calculate rectangle area using java example
83Java program to list Odd Numbers between 1 and any given number
84Java program to list even numbers between 1 and any given number
85Java program to find string length
86Java program to implement Pigeonhole Sort
87Java program for Huffman coding
88Java program to find a peak element using divide and conquer rule
89Java program to find all permutations of a string
90Java program for insertion in AVL Tree
91Java program to convert centigrade to fahrenheit
92Java program to delete words from the sentence
93One-dimensional array program in Java
94Java program to remove vowels from string
95Java program to find HCF LCM of two numbers
96Java program to add two numbers using Pointer
97Java program to remove spaces from the string
98Java continue statement example
99Java program to split the string
100Java program to create the random string
101Java program to get absolute file path
102Java – Subtract two numbers without using arithmetic operators
103Java program for a boolean matrix question
104Java program to reverse a linked list in groups of given size
105Java program to detect and remove loop in linked list
106Java Program to reverse every word in a String using methods
107Java program to find the smallest of three numbers using the ternary operator
108Java Program to find duplicate Characters in a String
109Java Program to display prime numbers from 1 to n
110Program to make a calculator using switch case in Java
111Java program to check palindrome string using Queue
112Java program to check vowel or consonant using the switch case
113Java program for enum in switch case statements
114Java program to explain Super keyword
115How to use super keyword in case of method overriding
116Java program to describe break statement in switch-case
117Java program to calculate depreciation
118Java program sum of N numbers
119Association example in Java programming language
120Java program to calculate CGPA percentage
121Java program to print number pattern
122Java Program to find Prime Number upto N number using Scanner class
123Java interview programs with output
124Java program to illustrate the concept of Autoboxing and Unboxing
125Java program to calculate perimeter of square
126Java program to print whether the given character is vowel or consonant
127How to create basic custom annotation in Java
128Java program to print all prime factors
129Java program to reverse Number with the example
130Java Programming Code Examples
131Java program to print next greater elements in a given array
132Java program to reverse string using stacks
133Java Program to Implement Stein GCD Algorithm
134Java Program to Check if it is a Sparse Matrix
135Java Program to Perform Complex Number Multiplication
136Java Program for Coin Change
137Sort an array programmatically in Java
138How to Create File Using Files Class in Java
139How to Create Directories Using Files Class in Java
140Java program to find length of the longest bitonic subarray
141Java program to sort an array of 0, 1 and 2
142Java program to count islands in boolean 2D matrix
143A Simple Merge based O(n) solution to find median of two sorted arrays
144Java Program to Implement Gauss Seidel Method
145Java Program to Implement Gauss Jordan Elimination
146Java Program to Implement Fisher-Yates Algorithm for Array Shuffling
147Java program to remove punctuation from a given string
148Iterate value through Java HashMap
149How to remove duplicate characters from String in Java?
150Fibonacci Series in Java Without Recursion
151Java program to calculate power of a number
152How to delete folder and sub folders using Java
153Lazy pasha string rotation

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