Salesforce Platform Developer I Multiple Choice Question and Answer

First, try to answer the below questions by self and then you can compare your answer sheet with the correct Answers which is after every question.

1) Which standard field mandatorily needs to be populated when a developer inserts new Contact records programmatically?

a) Name
b) LastName
c) AccountId
d) FirstName

Answer: b) LastName

2) In the given code, from where does the Boolean inherit its value?

a) Class
b) Object
c) Enum
d) None of above

Answer: b) Object

3)Visualforce components are similar to which type of tag library containing tag namespace prefixes?

a) PHP tag library
b) JSP log library
c) ASP log file
d) JSP tag file

Answer: d) JSP tag file

4)What is the minimum log level needed to see user-generated debug statements?


Answer: c) DEBUG

5)By using which tool can the developer change the data model of a Salesforce organization?

a) Administrator setup
b) Data Loader
c) Cloud-based data wizard
d) None of above

Answer: a) Administrator setup

6)How to monitor the Dashboard refresh?

a) Apex jobs
b) Dashboard jobs
c) Scheduled jobs
d) All the above

Answer: c) Scheduled jobs

7)Which of the following scenarios is invalid for execution by unit tests?

a) Loading test data in place of user input for Flows
b) Executing methods with the same user
c) Executing methods as different users
d) None of above

Answer: c) Scheduled jobs

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