SEO Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

In this section, we have shared the SEO Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for freshers and experience.

1) What is full form of SEO?

A) Search Engine Optimization
B) Search Entry Optimization
C) Search Engine Operation
D) None of above

Answer: A

2) SEO is the art of ranking in the search engines?

A) True
B) False

Answer: A

3) Which of the following are types of SEO?

A) On Page SEO
B) On Page and FrontPage SEO
C) Front Page SEO
D) On Page and Off Page SEO

Answer: D

4) Which one is the optimization strategies in the area of reputability/validity?

A) Red hat techniques
B) Silver hat techniques
C) Grey hat techniques
D) Shady hat techniques

Answer: C

5) Which of the following statements about RSS are correct?

A) It is a real-time streamlined syndication
B) A form of XML
C) It is a Microsoft technology
D) A way to display the static information.

Answer: B

6) Which of the following are examples of agents?

A) Internet Explorer
B) Opera
C) SQL Server database attached to a website
D) Search engine spiders

Answer: A, B, & D

7) What will the following robots.txt file do?

A) It will allow Google and thealtavista scooter bots to crawl web pages.
B) It will disallow the Google and AltaVista scooter bots from accessing any web page.
C) It will disallow Google from crawling the generated pages but allows the altavista scooter bot to access all pages.
D) None of the above option

Answer: B

8) Which of the following is an illegal way of SEO?

A) Creating doorway Pages
B) Link Building
C) Writing Meta Tags
D) None of these

Answer: A

9) Static Pages are more SEO friendly than the dynamic pages?

A) True
B) False

Answer: A

10) Search Engines maintain the heavy database of keywords with URLs.

A) False
B) True

Answer: B

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