WooCommerce Extra Fee Option Lite

WooCommerce Extra Fee Option Lite is the fastest and easiest WooCommerce extra fees plugin with breakthrough performance. Everything works on a fast and easy. Feel no delay – because your time is precious!

A WooCommerce which allow you to add extra fee option with every orders in your WooCommerce store. You can set the extra fee type as “Fixed” and “Percentage” on sub-total of cart.

WooCommerce has a powerful Fees API that until now was only accessible to developers. With WooCommerce Advanced Fees store owners can setup rules where fees will be added to the Cart based on what is in the cart

It gives total control to store owners to set up the rules for the additional fees.

Now you will see a new sub-menu as Extra Fee Options under WooCommerce menu in WordPress admin, where you can set bellow settings:

  • Enabled / Disabled the WooCommerce extra fee
  • Change “Label” as you want
  • Change “Amount” to cart total extra fee you want to apply
  • Choose “Extra Fee Type” to Fixed Fee or Percentage of Cart Total
  • Key Benefits of using WooCommerce Extra Fee Option Lite:

Key Benefits of using WooCommerce Extra Fee Option Lite:

  • Add extra fees to increase your revenue and average order value.
  • Charge the customers for additional services like gift wrap.
  • Share your expense with a customer like payment and shipping fees
  • Easily manage and create complex extra fees rules

WooCommerce Extra Fee Option Lite

Download from WordPress.org

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