Best-of-Breed Features of a High-End WordPress Web Host?

Posted by Prem Tiwari | Updated on

I think we also need a few more features:

  • Minifying JS, CSS and the HTML that is being sent down the wire.
  • Caching the op-code of the PHP that will be generated (apart from Memcached).
  • Upload the JS, CSS and Images that are used in the theme and/or plugin to a CDN and sync automatically.
  • Option to use one of the public CDN netwoks like Google for common resources like jQuery.
  • Offer a common CDN for all the WordPress admin scripts and images (which should be the exact same on multiple installations of WordPress) so that I can have that work just a little faster.
  • Managed DNS – To ensure that they can restore a backup of your site on another location automatically in case they have issues with the current hardware. With this they can automatically switch your domains over to the new settings.

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