What is the full form of DAC?

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DAC – Diamond Anvil high pressure Cell

DAC full form: DAC stands for Diamond Anvil high pressure Cell. A diamond anvil cell (DAC) is a high-pressure device used in scientific experiments. It enables the compression of a small (sub-millimeter-sized) piece of material to extreme pressures, typically up to around 100–200 gigapascals, although it is possible to achieve pressures up to 770 gigapascals (7,700,000 bars / 7.7 million atmospheres).

Other DAC full forms:

  1. DAC – Diamond Anvil high pressure Cell
  2. DAC – Declare Address Constant
  3. DAC – Data Acquisition and Control
  4. DAC – Data Acquisition Camera
  5. DAC – Digital to Analog Converter
  6. DAC – Digital to Analytical Conversion
  7. DAC – District Advisory Council
  8. DAC – Derived Air Concentration
  9. DAC – Delayed Action Command
  10. DAC – Department of Agriculture & Cooperation
  11. DAC – Deferred Acquisition Cost

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