DDO Full Form | What is the full form of DDO?

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DDO: Drawing and Disbursing Officer

DDO Full Form: DDO stands for Drawing and Disbursing Officer. DDO stands for Drawing and Disbursing Officer (various organisations). DDO is defined as Drawing and Disbursing Officer (various organisations) very frequently. Drawing and Disbursing Officer means the officer designated by the Head of the Office to prepare estimates of expenditure and actually incur expenditure in respect of the office to which he is the Drawing and Disbursing Officer.

Other DDO Full Form

  1. DDO – Drawing and Disbursing Officer
  2. DDO – Discrete Digital Output
  3. DDO. – Designated Detention Officer

Drawing and Disbursing officer (DDO) means a head of office and also any gazetted officer so designated by a department of the central government, a head of department or an administrator to draw bills and make payment on behalf of the central government.

DDO means a Head of Office and also any other Officer so designated by the Finance Department of the State Government, to draw bills and make payments on behalf of the State Government.

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