Full forms list we used in our daily life?

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Full forms list we used in our daily life?

Following are the list of full form we used in our daily life:

WordFull Form
USB Full FormUniversal Serial Bus
ETC Full FormET Cetera
IPA Full FormiPhone Application Archive
LED Full FormLiquid Crystal Display
COM Full FormCommercial
CO Full FormCommanding Office
STD Full FormSubscriber Trunk Dialling
IT Full FormInformation Technology
HTML Full FormHyper Text Markup Language
PCS Full FormProvincial Civil Service
FOR Full FormFright on Road
RADAR Full FormRadio Detection and Ranging or Radio Direction And Ranging
PF Full FormProvident Fund
WWW Full FormWorld Wide Web
ROM Full FormRead Only Memory
BE Full FormBechelor of Engineering
LIFE Full FormLesson-Inspiartion-Faith-Enjoyment
NO Full FormNormally Open
OK Full FormAll Korrect
TEAM Full FormTogather Evertone Achieves More
STD Full FormSubscriber Trunk Dialling
DRS Full FormUmpire Decision Review System
IPS Full FormIndian Police Service
BIOLOGY Full FormStudy of Life

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