What is the full form of HFS?

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HFS – Hardware Functionality Scan

HFS full form:HFS sytands for Hardware Functionality Scan. A hardware functionality scan (HFS) is conducted in order to verify that a certain device is really what it claims to be. It is patented by Microsoft.

Some operating systems only send copy protected content, such as movies, to an output device, such as the screen, if that device is able to protect the content from being tapped in an unprotected format. This mechanism can be circumvented by letting fake hardware claiming to be a trusted device. HFS prevents this by letting the device perform certain tasks which are hard to emulate.

Other HFS full form

  1. HFS – Hardware Functionality Scan
  2. HFS – Horizontal Flight Simulator
  3. HFS – Hectare Furrow Slice
  4. HFS – Hierarchical File System

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