How could immunity to a lie detection ability work?

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Essentially your character is a low-level telepath. There are some tried and true ways to fool them

Each of these examples works through walls and at some distance.

  1. Your brain is constantly full of other ideas that cloud the signal – Much like how Randall Flagg from The Stand couldn’t sense Tom Cullen’s thoughts easily and overlooks him.
  2. Your brain has unique brain chemistry that is hard to read. Like Fry vs. the Brains in Futurama (he became his own grandfather). He’s immune to the stupid ray.
  3. Your brain is so full of something the other person hates he refuses to look there. Voldemort used his skills in Legilimency on Harry Potter, which worked until Harry remembers how much he loved and cared about his friends. Voldemort refused to stay in Harry’s mind after that. See Edit for links
  4. You believe the lie, so there would be no tell. Pretty sure this would work even without any tricks. If you genuinely believe you’re telling the truth no amount of telepathy would detect deception since there isn’t any.
  5. (new) The other person has telepathy and can block your guy. Another Harry Potter example. In Order of the Phenix Harry keeps getting visions and emotions from his telepathic link with Voldemort. After the climactic final battle, Voldemort realizes the telepathy is a 2-way street and Harry can see into his mind. He purposefully blocks any telepathic connection afterwards to prevent Harry from learning his evil plans.

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