How to find memory leaks in Flutter?

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Am implemented Memory leack testing in android studio ide.

Step – 1 : Connect your device with android studio and run your application on your device.

Step – 2 : Go to View -> Tool Windows -> Flutter Performance

Step – 3 : Bottom of the window “Open Dev Tools” option will be there, click on it. It will be navigate into new window of your browser. See below image for more details :

enter image description here enter image description here

Step – 4 : To follow below steps as per screen shot , you can able to see object size and details.Which are caused memory leakages. First Select “Memory” from available menus than you can able to see below ui. enter image description here

Step – 5 : This is final step, now you can able to see memory leaking info. enter image description here

Step – 6 : You can able to call Garbage Collector manually by using “GC” . You can anytime Reset and get latest snapshot using “Reset” and “Snapshot” buttons.

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