How to upload dsyms files which developed with Flutter?

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Want to upload dsyms files which developed with Flutter? When preparing my app for release I take these steps to export, upload, and get the dSYM’s:

1. In terminal I run ‘flutter build ios –release’
2. Open the iOS project in xCode and switch the device to ‘Generic iOS Device’
3. From the top menu Product>Archive
4. Once finished the Organizer window will show your archived build. You can also manually open this window from Window>Organizer
5. Choose the build you want to upload to iTunes Connect and hit Distribute App and follow the process
6. After upload is complete right click on the build in the organizer window and click ‘Show in Finder’
7. You should see an archive file in finder, right-click it and click ‘Show Package Contents’.
8. Inside there should be a folder called dSYM that you can zip and send wherever you need

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