List down the template equivalents in render functions?

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List down the template equivalents in render functions?

VueJS provides proprietary alternatives and plain javascript usage for the template features. Let’s list down them in a table for comparision:

TemplatesRender function
Conditional and looping directives: v-if and v-forUse JavaScript’s if/else and map concepts
Two-way binding: v-modelApply own JS logic with value binding and event binding
Capture Event modifiers: .passive, .capture, .once and .capture.once or .once.capture&, !, ~ and ~!
Event and key modifiers: .stop, .prevent, .self, keys(.enter, .13) and Modifiers Keys(.ctrl, .alt, .shift, .meta)Use javascript solutions: event.stopPropagation(), event.preventDefault(), if ( !== event.currentTarget) return, if (event.keyCode !== 13) return and if (!event.ctrlKey) return
Slots: slot attributesRender functions provide this.$slots and this.$scopedSlots instance properties

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