What is the full form of OK?

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OK full form: The he full form of OK is “ALL CORRECT”.

Actually, It is OLL KORRECT. But, it was accepted as ALL CORRECT because of it’s pronunciation best match is ALL Correct. That’s the reason, the full form of the OK is – OLL KORRECT.

“Objection killed” is also a full form of “OK”. It means that, If we uter the word “OK”, then it means that, our objection or doubt has been cleared.

Talking about the “OK” – OK is the 2nd shortest English word and sentence. OK means: Alright, Proceeding, Normally and many other meanings are there of word of OK.

OK can be used as Adjective, Adverb, Interjection:

Here is how, It is used in Adjective-

Is this processor OK for gaming ?
Everyone said OK for mine decision
Here is it’s use in Adverb:

He sings OK, But sometimes get lazy on stage
Sundar will manage OK on his own
Origin of the OK:

Scientists assume that, The word “OK” was first used during the war by american soldiers in 1839 for saying Alright in short way. And, Later on, Scientists confirmed the OK word for telling Alright in short. And, from 1840, OK word were used world wide.

There are again different full forms of OK too, Here are some of them:

OK – Okay

OK – One Kiss

OK – OutKast

OK – Okanagan

OK – Over Kill

OK – Oozma Kappa

OK – Ola Kala

OK – Organized Konfugson

OK Organisierte Kriminalitaet

OK – On Kerosene

OK – Old Kinderhook

OK – Operatiekamer

OK – Oskar Kokoschka

OK – Order Known

OK – Obvious Knowledge

OK – Outside Knowledge

OK – Ogre Kingdoms

OK – Occupational Knowledge International

OK – Ohne Korrekten

OK – Oscillating Klystron

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