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SAC: Space Application Centre

SAC Full Form:SAC stands for space application centre. The Space Applications Centre (SAC)(Hindi: अंतरिक्ष उपयोग केंद्र) is an institution of research in Ahmedabad under the aegis of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). It is one of the major centres of ISRO that is engaged in the research, development and demonstration of applications of space technology in the field of telecommunications, remote sensing, meteorology and satellite navigation (Sat Nav). This includes research and development of on-board systems, ground systems and end user equipment hardware and software.

Following are some other SAC full form:

  • SAC – Space Application Centre
  • SAC – Science Advisory Council
  • SAC – Social Action Coordinator
  • SAC – Support Action Center
  • SAC – Strategic Air Command
  • SAC – Shuttle Action Center
  • SAC – Special Areas of Conservation
  • SAC – Special Area of Conservation
  • SAC – Science Advisory Committee

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