What are the features of AngularJS?

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In this example, I have shared about what are the features of AngularJS? Some important features of AngularJS are given below:

  • MVC- In AngularJS, you just have to split your application code into MVC components, i.e., Model, View, and the Controller.
  • Validation- It performs client-side form validation.
  • Module- It defines an application.
  • Directive- It specifies behavior on the DOM element.
  • Template- It renders the dynamic view.
  • Scope- It joins the controller with the views.
  • Expression- It binds application data to HTML.
  • Data Binding- It creates a two-way data-binding between the selected element and the $ctrl.orderProp model.
  • Filter- It provides the filter to format data.
  • Service- It stores and shares data across the application.
  • Routing- It is used to build a single page application.
  • Dependency Injection- It specifies a design pattern in which components are given their dependencies instead of hard-coding them within the component.
  • Testing- It is easy to test any of the AngularJS components through unit testing and end-to-end testing.

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