What are the technical full form that everyone should know?

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What are the technical full form that everyone should know?

Following are the list of technical full form that everyone should know:

Wi-fi full form: Wireless Fidelity

Modem full form: Modulator-Demodulator

CC / BCC full form: Carbon Copy / Blind Carbon Copy

IP full form: Internet Protocol

TCP full form: Transmission Control Protocol

VPN full form: Virtual Private Network

ISP full form: Internet Service Provider

HTML full form: HyperText Mark-up Language

PC full form: Personal Computer

JPEG full form: Joint Photographic Experts Group

GIF full form: Graphics Interchange Format

LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

URL full form: Uniform Resource Locator

LCD full form: Liquid Crystal Display

CRT full form: Cathode Ray Tube

RADAR full form: RAdio Detection And Ranging

INTEL full form: Integrated Electronics

HCL full form: Hindustan Computers Limited

ASCII full form: American Standard Code for Information Interchange

CPU full form: Central Processing Unit

RAM full form: Random Access Memory

USB full form: Universal Serial Bus

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