What devices and OS versions does Flutter run on?

Posted by Prem Tiwari | Updated on
  • Mobile operating systems: Android Jelly Bean, v16, 4.1.x or newer, and iOS 8 or newer.
  • Mobile hardware: iOS devices (iPhone 4S or newer) and ARM Android devices.
  • Flutter supports building ahead-of-time (AOT) compiled libraries for x86_64armeabi-v7a, and arm64-v8a.
  • Apps built for ARMv7 or ARM64 run fine (using ARM emulation) on many x86 Android devices.
  • We support developing Flutter apps with Android and iOS devices, as well as with Android emulators and the iOS simulator.
  • We test on a variety of low-end to high-end phones and tablets, but we don’t yet have an official device compatibility guarantee.

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