What exactly do the lint rules enforce?

Posted by Prem Tiwari | Updated on

We provide an ESLint plugin that enforces rules of Hooks to avoid bugs. It assumes that any function starting with ”use” and a capital letter right after it is a Hook. We recognize this heuristic isn’t perfect and there may be some false positives, but without an ecosystem-wide convention there is just no way to make Hooks work well — and longer names will discourage people from either adopting Hooks or following the convention.

In particular, the rule enforces that:

  • Calls to Hooks are either inside a PascalCase function (assumed to be a component) or another useSomething function (assumed to be a custom Hook).
  • Hooks are called in the same order on every render.

There are a few more heuristics, and they might change over time as we fine-tune the rule to balance finding bugs with avoiding false positives.

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