What is Cypress and Why Cypress?

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What is Cypress and Why Cypress?

Cypress provides you the GUI tool to view/execute your tests, view your configuration, and view the tests executed from dashboards. This helps to understand and debugging your test in more detail, another cool feature is updating and saving your test will automatically re-run the test on GUI tool.

Why Cypress?

Our users are typically developers or QA engineers building web applications using modern JavaScript frameworks. Cypress enables you to write all types of tests like End-to-end tests,  Integration tests, and Unit tests

7 ways Cypress is different

Following are the 7 ways cypress is different:

  • Cypress does not use Selenium.
  • Cypress focuses on doing end-to-end testing REALLY well.
  • Cypress works on any front-end framework or website.
  • Cypress tests are only written in JavaScript.
  • Cypress is all in one.
  • Cypress is for developers and QA engineers.
  • Cypress runs much, much faster.

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