What is difference between CodeIgniter and Laravel?

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The difference between CodeIgniter and Laravel are below:

Support of ORMCodeIgniter does not support Object-relational mapping.Laravel supports ORM.
Provide AuthenticationIt does provide user authentication.It has inbuilt user authentication.
Programming ParadigmIt is component-oriented.It is object-oriented.
Support of other Database Management SystemIt supports Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, MYSQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, JDBC, and orientDB compatible.It supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and Microsoft BI, but CodeIgniter additionally supports other databases like Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, etc.
HTTPS SupportCodeIgniter partially support HTTPS. Therefore, programmers can use the URL to secure the data transmission process by creating PATS.Laravel supports custom HTTPS routes. The programmers can create a specific URL for HTTPS route they have defined.

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