Where does WordPress store version number?

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If you need to get the wordpress version in your script, there is a global variable:

$wp_version (right now it’s something like '3.1-RC3-17376') It contains the wordpress version.

If you need to acquire if from a file, you can read it from /wp-includes/version.php:

WordPress Version Variables

There is more information available in that file:

  • $wp_version – The WordPress version string (‘3.1-RC3-17376’)
  • $wp_db_version – Holds the WordPress DB revision, increments when changes are made to the WordPress DB schema (17056)
  • $tinymce_version – The TinyMCE version string (‘3393’)
  • $manifest_version – Holds the cache manifest version (‘20111113’)
  • $required_php_version – Holds the required PHP version (‘4.3’)
  • $required_mysql_version – Holds the required MySQL version (‘4.1.2’)

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