Solved Programs

Below is the solved programs of c programming language and c++ programming language. I have collected the all solved programs on one page so that it would be helpful for c and c++ beginners and especially it would be more helpful for college students.

  1. C Program: Find The Sum of Two Numbers
  2. Reverse Number Program in C
  3. Prime Number Program in C
  4. How to Calculate Gross Salary of a Person in C
  5. Print Star Triangle in C
  6. Fibonacci Series Program in C
  7. Palindrome Program in C
  8. Armstrong Number Program in C
  9. Check Whether a Number is Even or Odd
  10. Check Leap Year in C
  11. Print Number Triangle in C
  12. Binary Search Program in c
  13. Print Table of Number in C
  14. C Program to Find Length of a String
  15. C Program to Convert Binary to Octal
  16. C program to Print First 10 Natural Numbers
  17. Find Greatest Number From 3 Numbers
  18. C Program to Swap Two Numbers
  19. C Program to Calculate the Power of a Number
  20. C Program to Merge Two arrays
  21. C Program to Find the Simple Interest
  22. Calculate the Length of a String in C

Here is another collection of 100+ C problems with solutions.

  1. How to display prime numbers using C++ program
  2. C++ Program for Number Swapping
  3. C++ Program to Check Prime Number
  4. C++ Program to Add Two Numbers
  5. Break Statement in C++ Program
  6. C++ Program to Check Palindrome Number
  7. C++ Program to Print Number Table
  8. C++ Program to Print Triangle of Stars

Practice more C++ Programs

  1. How to Add Two Numbers Using The C#
  2. How to Subtract Two Numbers using C#
  3. How to Multiply Two Numbers Using C#
  4. How to Divide Two Numbers Using C#
  5. How to Swap Two Numbers Without Third Variable in C#
  6. C# Program to Reverse Number
  7. Armstrong Number Program in C#
  8. Palindrome Number Program in C#

Practice more c# Programs

  1. Jsp tutorial for beginners with examples
  2. Easy steps to JDBC Connection in Java
  3. Best Practices REST & JSON API Design for Java Developers
  4. How to install apache tomcat server
  5. A Simple Hello World Java Program
  6. Java Program to Add Any Two Numbers
  7. Java Program to Subtract Any Two Numbers
  8. Java Program to Multiply Any Two Numbers
  9. Java Program to Divide Any Two Numbers
  10. Java Program to Generate Random Numbers
  11. Java program to Join two lists
  12. Java program to convert decimal number to binary
  13. Java program to swap two elements in a vector
  14. Java program to sum the elements of an array
  15. Java program for implementation of Heap Sort
  16. Java program for implementation of Heap Sort
  17. Java program to Join Threads with the output
  18. Java program to count the number of words
  19. How to write a batch processing program in Java
  20. Java Program to Check Leap Year
  21. Java program to find ASCII value of a character
  22. Java Program to Reverse a Number Using Stack
  23. How to Open Notepad Using Java Program
  24. Java Program to Get Yesterday’s Date with Output
  25. Fibonacci Series Program in Java

Practice more Java Programs

  1. Simple Python program to add two numbers
  2. Python program to subtract two numbers
  3. Python program to multiply any two numbers
  4. Python program to divide two numbers
  5. Python program to reverse a number
  6. Python program for palindrome number
  7. Python program to check Armstrong number
  8. Python program to check Leap Year
  9. Python program to check Prime number
  10. Python program to check if a number is Odd or Even
  11. Python program to find the Factorial of a number
  12. Python program to find the sum of natural numbers
  13. Python program to print the Fibonacci series
  14. Python program to check if a number is Positive or Negative
  15. Bubble Sort algorithms & program in python
  16. Python program to count the number of words
  17. Python program for implementation of Heap Sort
  18. Python programs to print the pyramid patterns
  19. Python program for counting sort with the output
  20. Python program to count the number of vowels in a string

Practice more Python Programs

I will be adding more solved programs in other languages as well as Java solved programs Python solved programs, and etc…

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