Swift Programs With Example

This section is a collection of basic swift programs with input/output examples which are number conversion, number swapping, airthmetic, number calculation, length of a string, program to calculate simple interest, arrays programs, programs to illustrate call by value and call by reference, pointers programs, fibonacci series program in swift, prime number program, Armstrong number program, leap year program and much more...

SNo Swift Programs
1 Swift Programming Language Basics
2 Swift Program to Add Two Numbers
3 Swift Program to Subtract Two Numbers
4 Swift Program to Multiply Two Numbers
5 Swift Program to Divide Two Numbers
6 How to find the maximum of two numbers
7 Swift program to split an array into chunks
8 Swift program to find the maximum of three numbers
9 How to use the loop over an array in Swift
10 How to convert a float to an int in Swift
11 Nested if…else Statement in Swift programming
12 Switch Statement in Swift programming with example
13 How to declare a function in Swift programming
14 How to convert a string to a double
15 How to remove an item from the dictionary
16 How to Validate an email address in Swift programming
17 ActionSheet example in swift programming
18 5 Things You Should Know About Apple’s Swift
19 Image upload with progress bar example in swift programming
20 Swift Code Examples
21 Swift tutorial for beginners
22 Swift Interview Questions And Answers
23 Optional handling with if else statement in Swift programming
24 How to Read File Content Example in Swift
25 Swift programs for practice, exercises with solution

If you want to add your swift programs in this page, the write any swift program and share with us using the Request Tutorial page. I will add your program with your name and photo on FreeWebMentor.

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