How to Create Payment Receipt Using Bootstrap

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bootstrap Payment Receipt

Hi Guys, hope you are in good health and spirit. Today, I am going to share the very useful thing with you. Nowadays eCommerce market is growing very fast and in every eCommerce websites, we need the payment receipts. When any customer buys your online products even that is the digital product or shippable products, …

How to Use Bootstrap Glyphicons

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This is a quick tutorial which will help you to know how to use bootstrap glyphicons in your bootstrap based web applications. I have also added the bootstrap glyphicons example so that you can directly copy the icon class and use that in your applications. Below is the list of bootstrap glyphicons examples. In the …

How to create bootstrap alert messages

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Hi friends, hope you are doing good. This is quick tutorial which demonstrate how to create bootstrap alert messages. Alert message plays very important role in web development. When you start developing a web applications or websites, then it is necessary to add alert messages to notify the website’s visitor or users for success or …

Bootstrap credit card payment form

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If you are developing a web application and using payment option in your application, Then you need to create a payment form. This tutorial will help you to create payment form based on the bootstrap. First you need to include bootstrap JS and CSS files. Include below files before head tag closed.

Download Script …

How to create a functional star ratings in bootstrap 3

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Are you developing an online store, or a product reviews portal, You need to add star rating functionality at the below of each product so that customer can rate that product with his/her comments. In this post i will explain how to create functional star rating in bootstrap 3. by default rating will be blank …

How to create bootstrap modal popup with example

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Hi friends, hope you are doing good. Today I am going to share very common and usefull things with you. After this tutorial you will be able to create bootstrap model popup. I will let you know how to create model popup with example and screenshot. Before start to creating model popup, i assume you …

Getting started with Bootstrap

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This post will explain an overview of Bootstrap (Front-end Framework), how to use and some bootstrap starter templates. Bootstrap is an open source & free front-end framework which is used to website designing and web application development. Bootstrap is Initially released 5 years ago on August 19, 2011. It is free and open-source under MIT …