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Switch Case Statement in C++ Programming Language

Prem Tiwari - - C++ Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn about the switch case statement and how to use the switch case statement in c++ programming language. Please see the below switch case statement diagram for better understanding. Switch …

C++ Program to Display Factors of a Number

Prem Tiwari - - C++ Tutorial

We assume you have a basic knowledge of c++ programming language, c++ loop, and C++ if, if…else and Nested if…else. In the below program we execute the for loop and if statement to get the …

How to display prime numbers using C++ program

Prem Tiwari - - C++ Tutorial

In the below program we have defined the checkPrimeNumber() function to check the prime number from the given maximum range of number by the user. This is a very easy program to display prime numbers …