C Program to Copy an Array to Another Array

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This c program will copy all the elements from an array to Another array with the help of for loop. Copy the below program and execute it with help of the c compiler. We assume you have basic knowledge of c programming language, Array in c programming, For loop in c.

Enter the number …

C Program to Find the Array Size

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One c language student requested to write a program to find the size of an array so that I am writing this tutorial. In this program, we will share a c program which will calculate the size of an array. c program to find the array size In this program, we have used sizeof() function …

Push an Element in an Array Using C

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By using the below c program you can insert an element into the current array, on which position you want. First, you need to create the array, then enter the element of an array and after that enter the element and the position number where you want to insert that element into the created array. …