Use Google Authenticator to Protect Your WordPress Website

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Are you a professional WordPress developer, then use a two-way authenticator to protect your WordPress blogs/sites from hackers. In today tutorial, I will explain how to use Google Authenticator to protect your WordPress website, so keep your close atteb\ntion in this tutorial. The Google Authenticator WordPress plugin gives you an option to add two-factor authentication …

How to Block Bad Bots To Access Your Website

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Spider Blocker WordPress Plugin

In this tutorial, I will share the very useful tutorial with you. many blogs and websites are facing the bandwidth issue due to some common bots that consume your maximum bandwidth and slow down your server. In this tutorial, I will share a very useful WordPress plugin named “Spider Blocker”. Spider Blocker will block most …

Top 5 Landing Page Builder Plugins For WordPress

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Today’s post i am going to share the a list of top landing page builder plugins for WordPress websites. These plugins will help to create a beautiful and stunning landing pages for WordPress. By using ultimate landing page plugin you can create beautiful and high quality landing pages in few minutes without writing a single …

How to Clone Page and Post in WordPress

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Hi friends hope you are doing good. Today’s guide is something which you will find very useful. I am going to share how to clone page and post in wordpress easily. This will save your ton of time to create dummy posts and pages. Page and Post Clone plugin can create a replica or clone …

How to Link a WordPress Post OR Page to External Links

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After reading this post you will be able to know How to Link a WordPress Post OR Page to External Links. This is very important and useful post for WordPress users/developer, so please close attention on this post. Sometime you just want to add post/page title with other website links and share with your users …

Google Analytics

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Hi Friends, Hope you are doing good. Today i have contributed a WordPress Plugin named “Fm Google Analytics” in WordPress plugin directory that is very useful and easy to install. In every website you are adding Google analytics code to track your website traffics, visitors. By using google analytics you can collect Data in a …

Easy Steps To Create a WordPress Plugin

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wordpress maintenance plugin list

Writing a Plugin I have added this post because I got many requests. In this article i will describe the easy and simple steps to create the wordpress plugin. WordPress Plugins allow to easy modification, customization, and enhancement in a WordPress blog or website.   Standard Plugin Information Add the header information in top of …