How to create an Action Function in WordPress

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In today’s post, i will let you know the very useful tips when you are going to develop your own WordPress plugin. After this post you will how to create an action function in wordpress. I assumes that you’ve read how to create a Plugin, giving an overview of how to develop a plugin. Let’s …

WordPress Plugins

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I was start wordking on wordpress in September 2013 and learned lots of things like how to create hooks and filters in wordpress to inject more functionalities in wordpress websites. After some time i got a chance to create a responsive facebook like box plugin for one of my client. I have been in the …

10 Plugins that drive a successful WordPress Website

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Best WordPress Plugins

If you are running a WordPress website or planning to launch one, you’d be looking for ways to make your website feature-rich and easier to use for both you and your audience. This is where WordPress plugins come into play. They make your website ten times better in terms of functionality, simplicity, and custom design. …