How to Get the all Child Pages of Current Page in WordPress

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Hi friend, hope you are doing good. This is very short & helpful tutorial. If you Want to get all child pages of your current page in WordPress, then copy the below code and paste the below code in your page template where you want to print the list of all child pages of your …

How to Restrict Admin Panel to Administrators Access Only

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Hi friends, this is a very quick WordPress tutorial which demonstrates how to restrict admin panel to administrators access only. This is the best idea to keep away your website users from admin area access. This is the very simple function which restricts non-admin users to visit the administrator screens. Open functions.php file and copy …

How to Speed up Your WordPress Websites

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Improve Performance of your WordPress Website

Nowadays, most of the peoples are choosing the WordPress to develop his/her websites due to WordPress is very handy to use with user-friendly admin panel. Many of them peoples are facing the of website page loading time. If your website taking more time to load, then you will not get more visitors. Just assume if …

5 Things Must To Do After Creating A WordPress Blog

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This tutorial is specially designed for the WordPress beginners, who have just started with WordPress. After this tutorial, you will learn what essential things to do after installing a WordPress blog. You need to follow the some must to do things, after a WordPress standard installation. Follow the below 5 things must do after creating …

How to create Mega Menu in WordPress

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Max Mega Menu — WordPress Plugins

Hi folk, hope you are doing good. Today I am going to share a very useful tutorial with you. If you want to create a mega menu in your WordPress based websites, then keep your close attention in this post. Nowadays mega menu is on trend, everyone wants to create a mega menu on his …

Extremely Useful Tricks For WordPress Website

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Hi folks, Today I am going to share extremely useful tips and tricks for WordPress websites which will work with your functions.php and wp-config.php files. This tutorial is designed for WordPress developers as well WordPress website owners whoa care about his WordPress website. Below is some useful trick for your WordPress website. How to empty …

How to Rename WordPress Admin Login URL

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WordPress is created two admin login URLs during WordPress standard installation. I am sure, you already know about this. These two admin login URLs are and If you want to improve your WordPress website security, then you must rename the default WordPress admin login URLs from wp-admin & wp-login.php to something else as …