WordPress Plugin Development

This Tutorial is written by the developer, for the developers, and will teach you how to create a WordPress plugin professionally. It is very easy to understand tutorials with explanations and examples. In this tutorial, I will explain the very simple and easy steps for WordPress Plugin Development.


I have covers mostly all topics which you need to develop any WordPress. If you have just started with WordPress or a WordPress beginner developer, then this book will help you more. In this book, you will get many things including the below item:

WordPress plugin developer

I am a professional WordPress plugin developer, WordPress theme developer, and a WordPress contributor. I have also contributed on many open source technologies including the wordpress.org plugin directory. See the complete lists plugins contributed by me on wordpress.org plugin directory. Apart from this, I am helping the peoples by my tech blog.

Start creating a WordPress plugin

Before starting to create a WordPress plugin, I assume you have a basic knowledge of WordPress hooks and filters. If you have just started with WordPress, then check out What is hooks and filters in WordPress?

Let’s start to create a basic WordPress plugin named “My-first-plugin” with the basic features. Open WordPress => wp-content => plugins folder and create a folder named “My-first-plugin”. Now create index.php and add the below code at the top of the index.php PHP file.

Above code is very important and it must have at the top of the page so that WordPress will read the plugin information.

WordPress Plugin Hooks

Below is the example of add_action() hooks. WordPress has many actions and filters you can use as per your requirement in your plugin code.

do_action() hooks: Execute all functions on a specific action hook.

Complete example for plugin

Below is the complete code to create a basic WordPress plugin, you can change in the below as per your requirement.

Over to You

Thank you for giving your time to the freewebmentor community. If you still need any help, feel free to add your comments in below comment section. I will be happy to help.

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