WordPress Tutorial

WordPress tutorial provides you from basic to advanced concepts about WordPress (CMS) Content Management System is very simple and easy steps with examples. This tutorial is designed to help WordPress beginners and WordPress professionals. It is an open-source content management system (CMS) which developed using PHP and MySql.


Our WordPress tutorial covers WordPress Pages, WordPress Posts, WordPress Tags, WordPress Comments, WordPress Theme, WordPress Plugin, WordPress Users, and WordPress how-to questions. This WordPress tutorial will help the WordPress beginners as well WordPress professionals.

WordPress Tutorial

Let’s start to learn WordPress, oh! one thing more before starting with WordPress tutorial, I assume you have basic knowledge of PHP, HTML, JS, and CSS.

Download the latest version of WordPress from WordPress.org and extract it and copy paste it inside your htdocs or www folder. Now open the PHPMyAdmin and create a MySQL database. Aftre created MySQL database, open your browser and type http://localhost/wordpress/ and continue the installation of WordPress.

If you facing some issue in installing WordPress, then check out:

How to login into WordPress Admin Area

wordpress login screen

After successfully installation, Login to your WordPress Admin area to manage your website. Open your browser and type http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/ and enter admin username and password. Now you see the options to manage your website like you can manage your posts, pages, users, themes, plugins, and more…

WordPress Post

How to add a new post

When you login in your WordPress admin section, first menu you see is Posts. In this section, I will explain more about Posts. You can manage your website’s blog posts by using this section. Below are the lists, which you can do by using Posts:

  1. How to add a new post
  2. How to edit an existing post
  3. How to delete blog post
  4. How to delete all blog post

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WordPress Page

How to add a new page

Login to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on the Pages => Add New. On the Add new page, enter the page title, page content, select parent page, and add featured image and then click on publish button to publish page publish immediately.

When you publish your page, that page will be available publically on your website and you can also save your page as a draft if you want to publish your page latter meanwhile you can see the preview of your page before making your page available publically.

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WordPress Comments

WordPress Comments

In the comment section, you can manage your website’s comments like edit comments, update comments, delete comments, and mark comments as spam so that after this that user will not be able to comment on your website.

How to Edit Comment

If you want only registered user can comment on your blog posts, then follow this steps:

Step 1) Navigate to the Settings => Discussion Settings.
Step 2) Now checked the “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” checkbox.

Allow only registered users to Comment on your site

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WordPress Appearance

Themes WordPress

WordPress Appearance plays the very important role in your WordPress based website. By using this section you can manage your templates, menu, widgets, header, background, and much more. Learn more about the WordPress themes.

WordPress Plugins


What is Plugins?

A WordPress Plugin is a set of programs and functions written in PHP scripting language, which adds some specific set of features or services to the WordPress website.

Plugins extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress websites. There are more than 52,194 plugins are available in the official WordPress repository, which you can use at free of cost.

Go to the Plugins =>Installed plugins menu to see the list of installed plugins in your website. If you want to add more plugins to extend functionalities of your website, then navigate to the Plugins=>Add New and search plugin and install into your website.

add wordpress plugin

If you have just started with WordPress, check out:

WordPress Users

wordpress users

By using this menu, you can manage your website’s users. Below are the lists of action which you can:

  1. Users roles and capabilities.
  2. How to add a new user.
  3. How to edit an existing user.
  4. How to delete an existing user.

Users roles and capabilities

By default, there is 5 user role in your WordPress website. Below are listed:

  1. Administrator
  2. Editor
  3. Author
  4. Contributor
  5. Subscriber

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Tools Section

wordpress tools

In the tools section, you can export & import your WordPress website’s contents like all posts, pages, comments, tags, categories, images, and etc.. After login in your Admin section, navigate to the Tools=>Import if you want to import the contents into your website and navigate to the Tools=>Export menu if you want to export the content from your site.

Settings Section

In the settings section, you can configure your website like you can change site title, tagline, WordPress address, email address, site language, timezone, date format, time format, and etc…

wordpress settings

Done with all section, then now it’s time to set up the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to boost your website traffic. Now go to the Plugins=> Add new and install Yoast SEO: the #1 WordPress SEO Plugin. Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is the best SEO plugin for WordPress and it helps to optimize your website more SEO friendly.

If you are facing any issues to set up the Yost SEO Plugin, check out:

Over to You

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