Write For us And Get Paid

Write for Us And Get Paid

Do you think you can write? Why not join our team and Get Paid & Famous.

If you are passionate and knowledgeable, then FreeWebMentor will give you best opportunity to get paid and famous. When you write on FreeWebMentor, your articles could be viewed by millions of users.

As of now we are accepting the tutorial on below topics:

  • Data Structure
  • C++ Tutorial
  • Advace Java
  • AngularJS 4
  • NodeJS
  • Java Technologies like JSP, Spring, Hibernate, and etc..
  • Any Open Source Technology

Content Copyright

Once your article published on FreeWebMentor, then we have the complete copyright of the content and you can not publish the same article on any other website or offline.

Get Paid

Once your article is selected for publication and after publish on FreeWebMentor, We will send you an email to ask to provide the payment details. If you belong out of India, then payment method would be PayPal.

Best of Luck 🙂

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